out of these two

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out of these two

Who gets drafted higher the year they are in the draft and who has the better nba career, Keith Gallon or Dexter Pittman. I believe Pittman has a better work ethic,as proven by his steady improvement in his overall game at Texas and him losing about 100 pounds, and Gallon has more talent but he is overweight and only time will tell if he is willing to work hard to shed that weight to maximize his full potential.

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I'd still take gallon.

I'd still take gallon. Pittman doesn't have a polished game, so without the athleticism and size that usually lead to the saying "he's got potential" he's not a good prospect. Gallon does have a serious game so the undersize thing isn't as big with him...

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gallon. he reminds me of glen davis.

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no brainer

its Gallon

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pittman has lost alot of weight but his low post game isnt polished and he dont dominate the post like he should but he can get drafterd lst round if he work hard this year.Gallon is a good player i seen his oak hill games and when i saw them he called for the ball and work his butt off to score or get a rebound and he's younger than pittman if he loose some weight i think gallon can be good.

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