what would happen to the 06 draft if...

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what would happen to the 06 draft if...

the high school rule didnt exist. the 06 draft was really weak and the high school draft affected it. if durant, oden, thaddeus young, crittenton, budinger, and other h.s. prostects you can think of, were allowed to and entered the 06 draft, what would that draft look like.

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Well Oden would've gone

Well Oden would've gone 1st.... that is the only thing I know for sure

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I WISH THAT the high school

I WISH THAT the high school rule was after this draft.. my raps coulda got durant or oden instead of bargs? damn.

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bargs is more proven and verastile than oden so maybe indirectly you ended up lucky

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yea that

Draft has proved to b only average having only 1 all star (brandon roy), yea oden wulda def. Went 1st but I still think durant wulda went top 3 regardless

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Oden vs. Bargnani

The Raptors need a player like Oden a lot more than Bargnani. They already have a perimeter oriented big in Bosh, and have poor interior defense and rebound poorly. Oden would be a better fit. Also, Bargnani is a horrible rebounder. He averaged 6 rebounds last year in 35 minutes pg. The Raptors would rather have Oden.

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