Can you consider this guy a B U S T?

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Can you consider this guy a B U S T?

Drew Gooden... He had bounced from one team to another early in his rookie year...Heck this dude could end up playing with all 30 teams in the NBA... He has a soft touch from the mid-range and had a Joe Smith like career but considering him as the 4th pick in the 2002 NBA Draft, with other players that are way more dominant than him, example Amar'e Stoudemire (9th) and MOST especially Carlos Boozer (34th)... Would you consider him a bust? I do... I mean he may be a solid offensive player but he's way too soft. The only thing that gets him going is his weird beard... I laugh hard everytime I see him get traded but in fairness, they say he's a friendly person but nevertheless, his basketball skills are not up to par with lottery picks no matter how "solid" he is or was...

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kinda bust

he can still play, but he's a bust based on what his expectations were coming into the league. I really thought he was gonna be amazing coming out of college.

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Top 5 should always be a

Top 5 should always be a franchise player, if you ask me
So i think you can label him as a bust

But hes still a quality player, that alot of teams could use coming of the bench
Hes not a bust in terms of being a complete failure, but hes a bust because he didnt live up to expectations that comes with being the 4th overall pick

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not really

if that were true there would be to many franchise players for the number of franchises....that would be sick to watch if everyone was that good.

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I didn't even know who Drew

I didn't even know who Drew Gooden was until he got traded to the Cavs.

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