Jonathan Bender

I have heard that Jonathan Bender is attempting to come out of retirement this year? Has anyone seen anything factual on this, or if any teams have worked him out?

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That would be Crazy

If you didnt know he retired cuz of knee injurys and thats hard to come back from. 6 NBA years i think

Well he would be playing on no knees so idk but the San An must be workin him out cuz Tim Dunkin, Bliar and J Bend

Would all be playin on terible knees lol

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Bad Knees

Thats why I asked because he had "Patrick Ewing" knees at 23!

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The Knicks are looking at him

It will be interesting to see if he can make a comeback, he's only 28. He was ultra talented, the break from basketball should serve him well, but will the same old issues creep back into the picture?

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I Doubt he will have a

I Doubt he will have a comeback......but i wish the guy luck, knee injuries are the hardest to overcome

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