one on one matches

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one on one matches

Back in the summer of '95, the NBA was gonna have a PPV one on one event that was to include Nick Van Exel vs Kenny Andersen, Joe Smith vs Kevin Garnett, and Shaquille Oneal vs Hakeem Olajuwon. This was cancelled at the last minute due to Olajuwon pulling out with an injury, even though they discussed replacing him with Alonzo Mourning. But in the end they just scrapped the whole idea. As far as I know, nothing like this was ever brought up seriously again.

Anyways, who do you think would have won those match ups and if they were do this event today, who would you like to see compete?

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Nick Van Exel vs Kenny

Nick Van Exel vs Kenny Andersen- who cares lol but i think Van Exel
Joe Smith vs Kevin Garnett - KG
Shaquille Oneal vs Hakeem Olajuwon-SHAQ

and today
Lebron vs Kobe
Danny Granger vs KD
Rashard Lewis vs Lamar Odom
CP3 vs Deron Williams
OJ Mayo vs Eric Gordon
SHaq vs Dwight
KG vs TIm Duncan
Derek Rose vs Rondo
Brandon Jennings vs Jonny Flynn

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come on man

Kenny Andersen was an all-star at that time and Nick was one of the sickest players ever. Who would'nt want to watch Nick go one on one. I think Smith would have beat KG. This was before they played in the NBA and Smith was coming off a national player of the year award. Hakeem would have beat Shaq too. He just got done outplaying him in the Finals and a prime Hakeem had way more one on one moves then a young Shaq.

As for today:

Kobe vs Wade
Gordon vs Mayo
Duncan vs Garnett
Carmelo vs Durant
Nate Robinson vs JR Smith

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nate vs Jr?

haha thats a good one

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I'd wanna see Kobe vs Wade

I'd wanna see Kobe vs Wade more than any matchup today....I think Wade'll win

Also would like to clone Jordan in his prime and put him up against every persons thats ever been compared to him..............................

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Kobe vs LeBron LeBron vs

Kobe vs LeBron
LeBron vs T-Mac
Mayo Vs Wade
LeBron Vs Carmelo
Kobe Vs Wade
Kobe Vs Tmac
Dwight Vs Shaq
D-Will Vs Cp3
Trevor Ariza VS Ron Artest
Tim Duncan Vs Kevin Garnett
Tim Duncan Vs Dirk Nowitzki
Manu Ginobili Vs James Harden
Russell Westbrook Vs Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose Vs Oj Mayo
DeMar DeRozan Vs Vince Carter
Vince CARTER Vs Tmac
Vince Carter Vs Kobe
Durant Vs Lebron
Durant Vs Kobe
Durant Vs Tmac

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Kobe vs LeBron-Kobe LeBron

Kobe vs LeBron-Kobe
LeBron vs T-Mac-Lebron
Mayo Vs Wade-Wade
LeBron Vs Carmelo-Lebron
Kobe Vs Wade-Wade
Kobe Vs Tmac-Kobe
Dwight Vs Shaq-Dwight
D-Will Vs Cp3-CP3
Trevor Ariza VS Ron Artest-Artest
Tim Duncan Vs Kevin Garnett-KG
Tim Duncan Vs Dirk Nowitzki-Dirk
Manu Ginobili Vs James Harden-Manu
Russell Westbrook Vs Derrick Rose-Rose
Derrick Rose Vs Oj Mayo-Mayo
DeMar DeRozan Vs Vince Carter-Carter
Vince CARTER Vs Tmac-Carter
Vince Carter Vs Kobe-Kobe
Durant Vs Lebron-Lebron
Durant Vs Kobe-Kobe
Durant Vs Tmac-Durrant

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lebron vs rob kurz, q rich,

lebron vs rob kurz, q rich, francis and sir charles

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I think

It should be done like this
Old Vs New (Shaq Vs Griffin)
MVP Battle (Lebron Vs Kobe)
High flyer vs Shooter (Nate Robinson Vs Stephen Curry)
Rookie Vs Sophmore (James Harden Vs Derrick Rose)
Old Players (Charles Barkley Vs Chris Webber)
Celberity Match (The Game Vs Nelly)

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LeBron vs. Kobe-

LeBron vs. Kobe- LeBron
Pierce vs. Melo- Melo
CP3 vs. D. Will- Paul
Rose vs. Westbrook- Rose
Wade vs. Roy- Wade
Granger vs. KD- Granger
KG vs. Duncan- KG
Amare vs. Bosh- Bosh
Dwight vs. Shaq
Kevin Martin vs. Joe Johnson- JJ
Kidd vs. Nash- JK
JR Smith vs. Mayo- JR
Parker vs. Harris- Devin
Nate vs. Monta- Monta
Beasley vs. Griffin- B-Easy
Butler vs. Iguodala- Caron
Gilbert vs. Baron- B. Diddy
Brand vs. Al Jefferson- Big Al
Mo Williams vs. TJ Ford- TJ
Sessions vs. Stuckey- Ramon
Wilson Chandler vs. Rudy Gay- Rudy
Redd vs. Ray Allen- Ray Ray
Tmac vs. VC- Tracy
Gasol vs. Nowitzki- Dirk
Chauncey vs. Andre Miller- Mr. Big Shot
Oden vs. Bynum- Andrew
Gerald Wallace vs. Shawn Marion- Crash
Josh Smith vs. Anthony Randolph- J-Smoove
Raja Bell vs. Bruce Bowen- Raja LOL

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CP3 and D-Will should play

CP3 and D-Will should play one on one

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LeBron vs Melo Kobe vs

LeBron vs Melo
Kobe vs Wade
CP3 vs D. Will
Rose vs Westbrook
Roy vs J. Johnson
Granger vs Gay
KG vs Duncan
Amare vs Griffin
Dwight vs Shaq
JR vs Mayo
Parker vs Harris
Tmac vs VC
Dirk vs Bargnani
Pierce vs Jeff Green

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Kobe VS Lebron.....That

Kobe VS Lebron.....That would be exciting enough 4 me

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KG vs Tim

the battle of the two greatest PF's in history.

Athleticism vs Fundamentals, both great defenders, smooth and finesse on offense.
although both have lingering injuries now.

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Pierce vs. Carmelo Anthony

They both have similar games, it would be fun to see who would hit more shots.

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Nice Matchups

Everyone put out some nice matchups. I think there would be a lot of cases where the better player would not always win. Every extra guy that you have on the floor changes how you would play a guy. If I'm guarding Rondo, I'm looking for him to drive every time and it's probably going to be easier to force him into bad shots. I think CP3 is better than Deron Williams, but one on one, Deron is going to be too big for Paul. A guy like J.R. Smith or even Jamal Crawford would probably beat a lot of guys better than them because they are bigger and hard to stop once they start hitting.

It would be cool to see a one on one tournament at every position. Tweeners and guys that play multiple positions get to pick which position (out of the ones they actually play) tournament that they want to be in. I'm not sure I want to watch Jaron vs. Jason Collins in the first round though.

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Jason vs Jaron Collins would be funny. How about Madsen vs Brockman, loser leaves town.

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How about Jamal Crawford vs

How about Jamal Crawford vs Allen Iverson?

There should be some pretty good creativity in that one..

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