Wayne Ellington is..............

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Wayne Ellington is..............

Cuttino Mobley 2.0. U kno i was watching a old rockets game the other day on espn clasic and i started thinking while watching cuttino play there were similarities between him and wayne ellington. Both guys are smooth and neither guy is jus insanely athletic( although iwould give cuttino the edge). I think their careers could be similar in the fact that they will average around 15 to 18 points for a few seasons and may bounce around the league a few times. what do u guys think?

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I think he was a great pik at 28. shooter with sneaky length and athleticism!

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is gonna have some work to do to have a simialr career. Cuttino had better handles and was better defensively imo. Cat used to start at pg for the Rockets and bring the ball up, I'm not sure Ellington has those same handles to play point.

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As a Tar Heel fan

I love Wayne... I remember he just is sooo merciless against the opponents... He has that uncanny shooting touch.. I think there is no other solid comparison for him than Cuttino Mobley... I think at the end of their careers they would just mirror each other... llperez22 got a point there when he said that Mobley has got better handling skills since he had been experimented at PG while with Houston but when it comes to shooting touch, nothing compares better..^^

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Ellington is bigger, more
Ellington is taller, longer, more athletic and streakier than Mobley.
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I liked a comparison I heard

I liked a comparison I heard on here a couple days ago better: Rip Hamilton. Both guys are best off the catch-and-shoot, neither is especially big and strong, and neither really likes to take it to the hole. Both won the Nat'l Championship on a fairly loaded squad, although Wayne's was truly LOADED.

I will say that I think Rip is a lot tougher and therefore a much better defender that Wayne, but that could come with time for Mr. Ellington

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Obviously I am biased towards Carolina and the players. One problem I had with Wayne his first two years was his dribble drive game, which improved greatly this year but I think for him to be successful that and defense will be his biggest obstacles. I hope Minnesota uses him like Detroit uses Rip running him off screens, lets face it he can spot up anywhere on the floor all day and shoot.

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