Better NBA prospect?

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Better NBA prospect?

Luke Harangody or Trevor Booker? Why?

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Even though I dont think

Even though I dont think either one will be great players in the NBA,I like Booker. He's a very explosive player. He isnt the scorer Harangody is, but he has a better jumper than most give him credit for (even though he is very raw at this part of the game) and he has freakishly length. I think he could be like Jason Maxiell with less weight, if he goes to the right team. Harangody just is too poor an athlete and is too slow and undersized to be a good player IMO. He is def. a great college guy though.

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u right iggy

i agree 100% i dont think either we be great nba players but i think booker is the better nba prospect. he reminds me of jason maxiell too and booker has some very long arms so he might be 6'7 but with his length he is closer to 6'10. I think Harangody is a great college player i dont think he can produce in the nba he isnt very athletic and dosent have the wingspand like booker. I think booker can be a sparkplug on any nba team.

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this guy is a basketball player. He's skilled and not dramatically undersized. He is a match-up guy, If a coach thinks he can put some points up against a sluggigh PF and bring him out to 20 ft to give the Center some more room I can see him getting some minutes. The Pacers will at least take him in the 2nd round.

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Dont underestimate

Dont underestimate Harangody's athleticism. He tested out great at the NBA combine. He did more reps on the bench press than any other player including Blake Griffin and his 3/4 sprint was only 0.06 slower than Griffin's and was faster than Earl Clark's and Sam Youngs.

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id take Booker ha has more

id take Booker ha has more athleticism and size for his position and i think will be better than Harangody.

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