Luke Harangody

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Luke Harangody

To me he is about as good as they get in scoring the you think he could lead the NCAA in points per game next season? How about in rebounds?

He will be a steal for any team that drafts him next year.

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I agree that Gody is a great NCAA scorer, but he will not lead in points and boards playing in the Big East. I would think he should average somewhere in the 23-25 and 12 range, which is monster, but not NCAA leading material. He is a guy who I like watching, and it will be very interesting to see where he goes. He is relied upon by ND so much, but as we saw last year, he can not do it by himself and I think he will wind up being a role guy in the league, and he is probably in that tweener cateogry due to his lack of size. I know he led the bench press at the combine, and he is a fairly nice athlete, but he has a strange shooting form and is a rather average/belowaverage athlete regardless of whether forward spot he plays. Tough guy though, think he could definitely be a mid-late first round guy with a strong/winning year.

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I think so. I think he has a

I think so. I think he has a legit chance at leading the nation in points (who's going to take shots from him?), and he looks like a top 5 guy in boards,too. He should have another monster season, but I just dont see him in the NBA. Probably too unathletic.

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definetly can put huge

definetly can put huge numbres on the board in points and rebounds, although he isnt too athletic, he is very strong, he showed that at the combine, i think he can definetly be a 1st round guy with a good season from notre dame.

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I see him being top 5 in scoring. He is an excellent shooter, but as we have seen over the years most of the big guys that stand outside shooting jump shots hardly ever stick in the NBA. I think he is going to be way too slow on both ends of the court. He has good offensive skills, but not enough skills or physical attributes to keep him in the league. He'll be a second rounder when he comes out and he will not make the team.

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Luke Harangody has done too much in college basketball to fall to the second round. He has a legit chance to become Notre Dame's all-time leading scorer and the Irish have had some great scorers in the past. He's a hard worker and has a consistent jumper. I remember last year when a lot of people had Hansbrough going in the late first round or even second round and he ended up in the lottery this year. Some teams were very impressed with him and were surprised by his athleticism he showed in work outs. In terms of the draft theres little chance he'll fall in the second round.

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if Hansbrough and Dejuan Blair play well, that works for him

the NBA draft is a copycat game, everybody does what works for other people. If he stretches his range to 3 land, gets BIg East or NCAA poy consideration, and NCAA tourney publicity, I dont see any reason why he wont lock up himself at least a second round spot and late first consideration.

Hansbrough and Blair are 2 similar prospects in different aspects. Blair is about the same Height, 6'6 pf so if he can make it that will look good for Gody, who is more capable of playing the 3 at times because of his jumper and decent perimeter game.

Hansbrough would answer the big production question and the athleticism questions. If he can show that effort and smarts are better than athleticism, Gody could end up in the first. But I cant see him anywhere near the lottery and If he winds up in the first round I would be pretty thankful if I were him because on paper, his prospects appear limited.

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Harangody isn't a freak like

Harangody isn't a freak like Hansbrough or Blair. His athleticism is more limited and he doesn't explode on game day. He's just a crafty fat guy who can put the ball in the basket at a very high rate. Astoundingly high, even.

And yes, he could definitely lead the country in rebounds. Points might be a stretch, though. 

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