2009-2010 NBA Schedules Released

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2009-2010 NBA Schedules Released

You can change the month:

Thoughts on big games & your teams schedule?

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Thanks man I was looking for

Thanks man I was looking for it.

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They play a whole lot of home games at the start of the season.

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does anyone know where to find college schedules

Already tried ESPN no luck

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looks prettygood cant wait

looks prettygood cant wait for Portland, vs LA.

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I see some games that I am

I see some games that I am definitely looking forward to watching....

ESPN March 17th- Spurs @ Orlando These are the two teams I think are going to meet in the finals

ESPN Dec. 16th- Spurs @ Golden State This will give us a fairly early look at how the Warriors compare to the best of the West.
ESPN Dec. 18th- Wizards @ Golden State I just love to see the Warriors playing at home on national TV against a solid East playoff team.

ESPN Nov. 6th- Cavs @ Knicks I want to see how comfortable LeBron looks playing in MSG haha.

ESPN Oct. 30th Bulls @ Celtics As good as that playoff series was I want to see more.

TNT Oct. 27th- Clippers @ Lakers Talk about a tough opener for the Clippers. First look at Blake Griffin.

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Wow houston doesn't have a

Wow houston doesn't have a single game on TNT or ESPN.

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