Darius Miller

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Darius Miller

I was wondering about his NBA potential because i've heard great things about him but i didn't watch him play much last year as a Freshman.How many years does everyone believe he will stay at UK before he goes pro and where do you believe he will get drafted?

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2 More Seasons for him at UK

2 More Seasons for him at UK and he may be a high 2nd rounder to late 1st rounder

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I am from Kentucky & watched

I am from Kentucky & watched just about every game last season. Miller showed some potential but did not look like an NBA player at all to me. He performed well for the U19 USA team & apparently has improved a ton over the summer. I do think Calipari will help him improve even more this season. Right now I think he is probably going to stay all 4 years at Kentucky. We will just have to see how big of a step up he takes this season playing in a new offense, with a new coach, & more talented players surrounding him.

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He's got a ways before he's

He's got a ways before he's an NBA caliber player. I saw some potential but he has very stiff hips for an "elite" athlete and must be able to score at will being a 6'6 SF.

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Word is that Cal is going to run some of the offense through him when Wall and Bledsoe are not running the show (not sure when that will be), but Cal is praising his slashing and finishing ability.

He could come out of nowhere like Jodie Meeks, but I think he is still at least 2 years away.

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