Overseas Players.

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Overseas Players.

do you think the gms and coaches will now look harder at them when it comes to drafting them such as how they act about where they wanna go or their buyouts, and other bullshit that comes with it.

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No. You shouldn't be able

No. You shouldn't be able to hold a team hostage so that they will draft you. Most international players dream of playing in the NBA and they aren't too particular about where they go. US players probably know the teams better than the internationals do because they are exposed to them more often. If you get drafted by a team you should respect the game enough to go and play for them and be happy you got drafted at all.

Rubio's buyout is probably the most widely publicized case I have seen, but it's not unfair for his team to want that money considering his earning power in the states. Although it is ridiculous when he only made 97,000 from his contract last year.

If Rubio sits out of basketball for a year and then re-enters the draft will the TWolves get some sort of compensatory pick like in baseball or are they just f***ed?

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