Best draft prospect nobody knows about

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Best draft prospect nobody knows about

I think it's Arnett Moultrie from UTEP. He's an athletic 6'11 forward that is rapidly improving. He just finished his freshmen season at UTEP and will only turn 19 this fall. He played on the gold medal winning USA under-19 team. He also outplayed Luke Babitt of Nevada when they played this past year and this website has Babbit as a mid-first rounder. Anyway this guy should start appearing on peoples radar, if a relative unknown like Paul George is considered a top five prospect than Moultrie should get some respect as well. So who do you think is another unknown prospect or a guy that this website ranks to low on its mocks.

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it's Jeremy Hazell from

it's Jeremy Hazell from Seton Hall. How can a guy average 22 ppg in the Big East and not be in mocks???????

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The Butler kid

Butler's Gordon Hayward seems to be a real late blooming baller. I guess the dude grew 9 inches in high school and is finally comfortable with his height. He killed for the U19 squad and he should be Butler's go to guy. I am not to sure about his speed, but he has burst onto the scene after the U19 games and NBA scouts are talking about him.

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Chris Wright, Dayton.

Chris Wright, Dayton. Ridiculous athlete. If he develops a perimeter game, we could be talking about a great prospect.

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I've been talking about this

I've been talking about this guy a lot but nobody is noticing Sylven Landesberg......yet. He is going to have a HUGE year & will begin moving way up draft boards.

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nobody knows about him..

but i'm sure everybody has seen this dunk..

marqus blakely is the reigning defensive POY and POY of the american east for the past two years.. the only player to win both awards in consecutive seasons in ncaa history in their conference.. hes a rising senior who has a lot of potential.. look up his numbers and you'll be impressed tust me

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catoosanumber22, gatorheels

i agree with both. hazell is a DEADLY shooter and sylven landesberg, my boy from holy cross, will surprise all. watch every hype him up and jump on the banwagon when the draft rolls around.

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Solman alabi

Solman alabi

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Talor Battler from Penn State is a stud.the 5'11 PG had a solid season in the Big 10 last year, earning 1st team all Big 10. He played for the USA team that won Bronze in the World University games and was the starting PG on that team, led them in scoring, 3rd in assists and 1st in 3point shooting. I think he'll contend for Big 10 player of the year as he develops into more of a true point

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Kenneth Faried - Morehead

Kenneth Faried - Morehead State

I honestly think he could be the next Moses Malone

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Mike Rosario


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