***Prime McGrady or LeBron***

Would you take McGrady in his prime (im talking Orlando; dropping ridiculous triple doubles and scoring at will just as well as KOBE)



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Question is have we really

Question is have we really seen LeBron's Prime yet? he isn't that old yet

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Lebron is not even close to

Lebron is not even close to prime yet. Lebron is going to win at least 3 mvps before he is 30.

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idk when lebron will hit his prime...

but rite now he's lookin pretty dam awesome. having said that i like mcgrady still. When tmac was in orlando i loved his game. He was arguably the best player in the league on the worst team in the league. i think up until this point lebron has done well and he's still young. but 4 sum reason i feel that if tmac had the team lebron had last year they would have been in the finals playing the lakers and maybe coould have gone 7 games. idk

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I LOVED MCGRADY AT THIS TIME!! I was saying it about LeBron getting to his prime, but right now.

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I would take Lebron

But McGrady was no joke. Just the other day I was watching an old Laker tape from 2003 against the Sonics, and across the bottom of the screen the scores from other games were rolling. And TMac had 47 pts, 13 assits, and 10 rebounds. I just happened to notice it and I was like damn, he used to do that kinda stuff on the regular.

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