Break out sophomore of the year?

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Break out sophomore of the year?

Who do you think will be the break out sophomore of the year? I would go with Devin Ebanks or Elliot Williams.

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Not sure if you caount him

Not sure if you caount him as breakout but Al-farouq Aminu will do well this year

No JJ or Teague, he'll have to step up

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I love UK basketball and I think Darius Miller is going to really surprise people, but I think Scotty Hopson for Tennessee is going to be a superstar this year. He should be the main guy in a loaded Bruce Pearl offense.

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Willie Warren of Oklahoma.

Willie Warren of Oklahoma. dude was overshadowed by Blake Griffin

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i think

i think willie warren he's sick he got nice handles smooth jumpshot and he is athletic he just needs to drive more and get his playmaking skills up. Greg Monroe might have a good year he just dont seem motivated to becoming good once he get his skills right he might have a good year.

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My sleeper

Iman Shumpert. He should benefit from the extra attention Favors and Lawal will receive.

Also JaMykal Green for Bama. He will be the centerpiece of their offense this year. If their smart.

Yancy Gates is a beast, he should break out if Stephenson and Vaughn doesnt shoot too much.

Samardo Samuels is probably learning some finesse moves, he figures out that you wont be able to be a bully as much as you were in HS.

There are alot of breakout guys.

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sylven landesberg

sylven landesberg

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willie warren or ebanks hands down.

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Devin Ebanks

Devin Ebanks

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Greg Monroe and Tyshawn

Greg Monroe and Tyshawn Taylor

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out west

in the pac 10, keep an eye on Isiah Thomas. I've been hyping this guy for a while now. He was the conference freshman of the year ahead of more heralded guys like Derozan and Holiday. He led the conference champion Huskies in scoring. I expect him to win the confrence player of the year next year. If he was 4 inches taller, he could be a potential top 5 pick.

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Isiah Thomas was a hold back

I wouldn't say he was less heralded, he was just lost in the shuffle.

A major sleeper that no one seems to really not have high hopes on is Michigan State's Delvon Roe. If it wasn't for his injury prior to arriving to Michigan State, I'd honestly think he'd be in the NBA by now.

Another player that plays in the Big 10 is Ohio State's William Buford, expect for him to be Evan Turner's sidekick in which should be a hell of a 1-2 punch for the Buckeyes.

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2 point guards

i'm looking at

Kemba Walker - to take over the reigns for AJ Price, and be the leader of the UCONN team

Isiah Thomas- contend for pac 10 player of the year and be amongst the leaders in scoring

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if he can do loads better than last year but look out for sylven landesburg.he put up nice numbers as a frosh last year but this year i see him puting up around 20 a game

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