Wake up call

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Wake up call

Who do you think is going to have the biggest wake up call from summer league? Player that performed well at summer league and may be thinking they are in better shape (as far as play time and stats) for the season then they actually are?

For me it is Austin Daye, nothing against the players in summer league but they are their for a reason, if he catches an elbow from Shaq he will be in traction. He makes Kevin Durant look like Tony Mandarich circa 1989!

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Adam Morrison - 32mpg in SL,

Adam Morrison - 32mpg in SL, average 20ppg, barely gonna play on that Laker squad

Stephen Curry - call me crazy, but I dont think hes gonna get alot of minutes, thats just Don Nelsons style..

James Johnson - When you lead the summer league in minutes, you might think you'll play often

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Call me crazy but I don't

Call me crazy but I don't think Randolph will be as good as the hype from SL

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Anthony Randolph

He still needs to improve his shot, and he'll get pushed around sometimes, although GS is a good fit for him.

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Randolph could still run

Randolph could still run jump move and block on higher levels than most NBA players. Also who else would GSW play right now, they are not competing with other West teams unless their young players develop.

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