All-Star game starting center for the west

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All-Star game starting center for the west

With Yao out and Shaq in the east, who will take the spot?
My argument is for Al Jefferson, snubbed last year, he has the opportunity to get his. Even though his team doesn't rack in the wins, no one can stop him in the middle. He should be all star bound.

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Since fans vote for the

Since fans vote for the starters don't be surprised if Gasol is starting or even Stat (though he should be a PF). However I don't think they can leave Jefferson off the ballot altogether this year as long as he is healthy.

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he could probably be voted in without even playing a minute because the whole country of china votes for him every year haha but seriosuly al should get it if he does stay healthy... other outside shots that deserve it is nene (if he is a center, might be a pf), okafor (has been a steady player and more people will see him play while playing in new orleans with cp3) and biedrins (very underated player who works very hard and puts up good numbers)

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mehmet okur

when carlos boozer has been hurt memo carries the jazz's offence. with boozer most likely becoming traded memo will get most of the shoots boozer takes. Memo could very easily average 22ppg. 9rppg.

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I think

Tim Duncan should be listed as a center this year. That's the position he will end up mostly playing and it would leave room for 2 forwards where the west is really loaded.

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i feel like jefferson is the deserving guy but it will prob be gasol or duncan.

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