Top 10 Players in the NBA 2010

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Top 10 Players in the NBA 2010

Top 10 Players in the NBA in 2010 with reason why they are were they are

Mine is:
1.LeBron- Just the most dominating player in the NBA 6'8" 250 chris paul speed Amare Stoudemire strength and his skills like almost like Kobe.
2.Kobe- Best closer he is just a great all around player jus doesn't fit LeBron's athleticism.
3.Brandon Roy-A young Kobe he is just getting better and better.
4.Carmelo- He is the best scorer behind kobe
5.Kevin Durant- He'll step it u next year but his team still won't make the playoffs
6.D-Wade- He still makes me wonder what he is made of after 2008
7.D-Will- He is taking over next year CP3 will still have him in stats but he will succeed more
8.Dwight Howard- He is soaking up all this attention with VC Rashard and Jameer waiting to go back to the finals thats is 4 ball hogs chemistry problems
9.CP3-He'll rank up the stats and he'll be gone in april as usual
10.CB4- Toranto is going to be a powerhouse next year cuz of him

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