Alexis Ajinca or DeAndre Jordan

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Alexis Ajinca or DeAndre Jordan

The Bobcats got the 20th pick in the NBA draft with a need at C. If you were MJ, who among these two would you have chosen? Would you agree with the Alexis Ajinca pick? or would you have taken DeAndre Jordan who was very much available at that time?


Alexis Ajinca - 7'0 235 lbs

Very long and very nasty-looking frame... Those long arms of his are able to block shots easily... He runs the floor well and looks like a 7 footer Boris Diaw who has the certain passing skills... The thing is he only has limited offensive skills as you can see him averaging only 5.1 ppg in a French Team...

DeAndre Jordan - 6'11 250 lbs

Freak athleticism for a big man... Very promising at such a young age... A dominant interior post presence that is unstoppable once he gets deep inside... The thing that made him standout is his rare gift of athletic ability that a big man have... The problem with him is that he makes poor decisions and is a very poor free throw shooter... They said he is a very raw version of Dwight Howard/Andrew Bynum...

which one would you choose?

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Ajinca- has a nasty frame because he cant put on weight but he's mobile and has length. I dont see him ever being a legit starter, maybe a rotaion guy

Jordan- should have been taken higher based on being 7' not athletically challenged (he's not a freak though) and has some touch.

that said Jordan will end up better and could end up pretty darn good when it'll all said and done it depends how much he wants it.

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Definitely taking Jordan

Definitely taking Jordan here...size and athleticism will help him have a more productive career. he will develop some offensive skills (maybe just a little baby hook or something), he can already rebound and block shots. Don't see him ever putting up monster offensive numbers but he will last a while in the league, Ajinca, I don't know if he will last more than a couple of years before he winds up back in Europe.

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DeAndre Jordan. He's better than Ajinca at everything, and he has developed some post moves this summer (he has a nice jump hook) and the Clippers will move one of their veteran big men so Jordan will get more PT to develop

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He is better and more skilled now, and Ajinca needs to gain weight, Jordan could push him around

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Jordan has certainly made a

Jordan has certainly made a much bigger impact in the nba thus far. Averaging 1 block a game for only playing 14.5 minutes is actually very good. Looks like a legit nba player. Terrible free throw shooter. Pretty solid rebounder & scorer. He gets most of his points on easy buckets under the rim but there is nothing wrong with that. If he can develop a solid midrange jumper & some post moves this guy could be scary. Right now it looks like Charlotte made a mistake. I like Ajinca to though I still think he has some potential... I think Charlotte probably just fell in love with his length & upside.

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the league is run by athleticism . bcus of that Jordan has more promise and he loves the gym as long as he block shots and get rebounds he should be in this league 4 a long time

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when a guy is compared to dwight howard that means im taking him. Jordan!

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is this question real?

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