How close

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How close

2007-2008 season started out with Kobe frustrated with lack of team support on the Lakers. He felt like he could never win a championship that was when he decided he wanted out of the Lakers. One of the teams he was vocally interested about was the Chicago Bulls. It was an interesting proposition. Kobe to Chicago? That would have been sweet right? But the thing never fell through and as it turned out, the Lakers became stronger at that season and Kobe won the MVP. How CLOSE was Kobe coming to the Bulls? Was it really close? or was it just conversation that didn't have a chance?

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im guessing they never

im guessing they never really wanted to get rid of him/ not serious at all.

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living in Los Angeles, from what I've heard, the Bulls were the only team that even came close to landing Kobe. From what all the newspapers here had to say, the Bulls backed out of the trade because they felt the Lakers wanted too much. They were especially hesitant to give up on luol Deng.

On a side note. One of the funniest things I heard during those couple months while Bryant was pissed and demanding a trade was Isiah Thomas, the GM of the Knicks, saying that while the Knicks would be interested in Kobe, no way would he ever include Eddy Curry in a deal for Brynat or anyone else. Curry was untouchable, and not even Kobe Brynat could steal the big man. If you don't believe that, you can look it up. He really said that.

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