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- NYC , Clippers, And Mystery 3rd team still in sessions chase

- Mcants wants to play for dallas.......but dallas doesn't seem the same

-Bowen Might retire or play for the orlando magics

-Heat Schedule meeting with PG jamal tinsley

-gabe Pruitt put on waivers.......Several Teams shown intrest

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My thoughts

I hope its Philly in the Sessions sweepstakes.

Haha, Dallas probably could use McCants, who on their bench can score on the wings?

Bruce Bowen would be a decent pickup for defensive purposes for Orlando.

Tinsley would be good with the Heat if (always big) he is in shape and not pouting.

Gabe Pruitt could develop into a quality backup/borderline starter, he hustles, defends and can spot up shoot. He also drives pretty good.

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I am surprised the Celtics

I am surprised the Celtics waived Pruitt. I thought he was a good backup to Rondo. I guess Boston is confident in Lester Hudson.

I hope Dallas doesn't want McCants...I would rather him go to a different team.

Yep I think the Magic should pickup Bowen if he can't be signed for cheap.

I have a feeling the Warriors might be that mystery team that is after Sessions.

The Heat need a lot more help than Tinsley. I think signing him is kinda pointless. I guess a 1 year deal couldn't hurt.

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would philly go after a 25 year old pg with a 19 year old waiting in balance?
sessions is still too young and inexperinced to try and have him groom holiday.

and if yu sign a 25 year old point im hoping you atleast sign him for 4-5 years

and why would the magic sign bowen with Pietrus and Barnes there?

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I got no comment on session

I got no comment on session every week its a different team different deal

McCants...Dallas im pretty sure is not interested they have spent alot of money this off season for old players so he should prolly just go play for a team of scrubs like the rockets or just go to europe but good luck getting signed next year when teams will be paying big bucks for big names

I think bowen will either retire and possibly join the spurs coaching staff or go somewhere like boston and ride the bench until the playoffs when someone needs to gaurd joe johnson

Tinsley should just get the picture already and go to europe, dont forget to bring marbury with you though when you pack your bags tho jamaal

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