ATTN: All Dukie Fans

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ATTN: All Dukie Fans

Found a hot video of one of your top prospects coming in next year.

6'10" and very athletic for that height. Should give you guys a lot of highlights next year. Looks like a Josh McRoberts that can actually score.

Looks pretty legit. Duke's biggest woes the past 3 seasons have been no true post players. Coach K may have found him 2 good ones this year. Ryan Kelly is sick too.

Check out the VC tribute at 0:30


Also check out Kelly's handles:

I think he's closer to 6'11" and dribbles better than some PG's and can create his own shot. Something J.J. Reddick couldn't even do.



Check the 1:00 mark. Reminds me of when Kobe did that last year in a game. Pretty sick to see someone nearly 7th who's that creative.

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Duke! Making plans man. I

Duke! Making plans man. I hope this kid is more Lattener then Zoubek.

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Ryan Kelly is overrated...

That dude is like 6'10 but 185 pounds. DONT SAY KD!!!! Whenever he goes against higher comp or equal comp he disappears... Plus he was a late bloomer. Defensively he's a liability and can only shoot. Reminds me of a 185 pound Taylor King.

Mason is a Hound and shows more emotion than Josh. Which is always a good thing....

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I see Mason Plumlee as a more pationatte Josh McRoberts, maybe with a little better shooting touch but a little skinnier.

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