Preseason ncaa 1st team.

my prediction.
C Cole Aldrich
Pf Ed Davis
Sf Al-Farouq Aminu.
Sg Evan Turner
Pg Scottie Reynolds
give me you'rs and your 2nd, and 3rd team predictions if you want?

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1st team: PG: Sherron

1st team:

PG: Sherron Collins
SG: Willie Warren
SF: Paul George
PF: Luke Harangody
C: Cole Aldrich

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I can only do a first team

I can only do a first team off the top of my head. I'd need a list of top players to refresh my mind to do a 2nd and 3rd:

PG: Sherron Collins (Kansas will be too good for him not to shine)
Runner-up: Don't sleep on Kalin Lucas. He is by far the best player on Michigan State and should have another solid year

SG: Willie Warren. Shouldn't be a problem here. He's going to be the best player on OU in his second year. He's gonna get the shots and will put up sick numbers. Will average 20-25ppg IMO.

SF: I'm having trouble here. Last year the gameday guys gave it to Kyle Singler, and he's going to have a good year since he'll be the #1 option, is being moved to his true position on the wing, and is going into his junior year. Al-foruq Aminu is the other potential first teamer for SF. He'll be the #1 option at Wake Forest and is also a good talent. Duke/WF should be 2 good games this year (if they play twice).

PF: Ed Davis. Deon Thompson better watch his back. Hansbrough left but Davis is coming in. Will have Sophomore experience and will be a key piece of UNC's 2009-2010 run.
Runner-Up: Luke Harrangody. He will put up sick numbers because he's the only good player on Notre Dame. He's a small PF at 6'7" but is possibly the strongest guy in all of college basketball (23 reps of 185lbs at combine: more than Griffin). He uses that strength to abuse players and get his points. He can also step out and hit the 3 ball.

Center: Cole Aldrich. This one will be undisputed. He's one of the only REAL centers in college basketball. He has really long arms, can knock down shots (albeit with an unorthodox delivery behind his head), and had a triple double last year with blocks! He's only going to get better and will be key to Kansas' run next year.

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PG: Sherron Collins SG:

PG: Sherron Collins
SG: Willie Warren
SF: Kyle Singler
PF: Luke Harangody
C: Cole Aldrich

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