why chris bosh still might leave toronto.

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why chris bosh still might leave toronto.

even though the raptors sign hedo, jack, traded for wright , Marco Belinelli, drafted dezoran. i still think bosh is thinking about leaving. heres why.
1 toronto- cold weather, not a big market
2.his team-its full of diffrent international players i dont think he can relate to him.
3.i think he wants to win. but he cant with the raptors.
4.he knows he can get better endorsement deals, win more with teams like the cavs, heat, mavs.

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1. Toronto is a pretty nice

1. Toronto is a pretty nice place. He can go to warmer weather in the offseason.
2. One of his best friends is Jarret Jack.
3. Raptors are a playoff team now.
4. He has plenty of money.

So yep I think Bosh is going to stay in Toronto. I wouldn't mind seeing him leave though.

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I am a Raptors fan and agree

I am a Raptors fan and agree with Gatorheels, i dont think hes going anywhere, but i would like him to .

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hes staying. i think they

hes staying. i think they have a good young core of Calderon, Barghyani, and Bosh to build around and hell get decent money.

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I follow the Raps a lot. I don't like how many media sources are basically saying that this off-season guarantees Bosh's stay in Toronto. I think there's still a solid chance for him to leave. If the Raps are not at least 2 games above .500 at the all-star break, Bosh will most likely be pissed and just tell Colangelo that he's not returning. Colangelo, being the master of leveraging, will probably still dangle Bosh during this season to teams who receive at least a verbal agreement from bosh that he'll re-sign with that team . If Bosh is not dealt by the deadline, we're going to definitely see an interesting deal or two:

Bosh's main concern is regarding winning. Obviously, the teams that are going to have the Cap space to sign Bosh are Losers . That might defeat the purpose of Bosh signing with a team straight up. If that is the scenario, we might see Colangelo pull off a sign and trade for Bosh to put him on a contender, while getting picks, exp. contracts, and young talent back. If Colangelo can't hammer out a sign and trade, Bosh's best bet will be to resign with Toronto because Toronto now has one of the better young cores in the League. Also, he's the franchise player, so he'll continue to get VIP treatment here. Also, Toronto can offer Bosh more money than any other team.

Therefore, IMO, if Bosh is not involved in a sign a trade, he won't be leaving Toronto

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I can see Bosh leaving

I can see Bosh leaving Toronto if a good team get free cap space.

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Toronto is a big market. Probably only behind New York, Los Angeles and the winters up here are not that bad, you get used to them. The population of Toronto is 2.5 million and if you include the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), we have around 5 million people. As for the international flavour, Bosh made a phone call to Turkoglu to join the Raptors, so I don't think Bosh minds the international players.

Will he leave Toronto? Only if Toronto does not make the playoffs this season. Is Bosh a go-to guy? A first option scorer? I don't think so, but we'll see this season.

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Bosh is good friends with

Bosh is good friends with Calderon. He went to Spain to show up for a camp Calderon was doing for kids. That's a lot to do, for anyone. I really don't think there's an issue of him getting along with the international guys.

I do agree though with tli232, if Bosh leaves, it would have to be through a sign and trade because he wants to win, and from what the nba has been saying, the salary cap is supposed to go down a lot next year making it very difficult to sign 2 superstars.

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He could opt out and go to a

He could opt out and go to a team like Chi or Mia

or go to NY and be the centerpiece

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