Donatas Motiejunas

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Donatas Motiejunas

Unlike the other Dirk wanna be's this Lithuanian cat, Donatas Motiejunas, game actually resembles Dirk the most...He's very agile for a big man and unlike most foreign bigs now a days, he could both mix it up inside with a post up game or shoot from the perimeter...I don't know where the Thunder are going to pick at next season, but I think he would be a perfect fit to their team...He's a 7'0 power forward with great touch, quickness, agressiveness, and a post up game...He just needs to mature and bulk up...Jeff Green is very good and he's one of their building blocks, but this dude, would be a great compliement to him, coming off the bench with his size and shooting abilities...They could afford to keep him overseas for a few years, make him develop some more, and at the same time, save up their cap room, to resign Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Russell Westbrook.

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I dunno. He maybe more

I dunno. He maybe more Bargnani then Dirk. He is really skinny. Also, I dont think Motiejunas has that perimeter game Dirk will have.

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agree with Celtics341

I haven't seen much of him, but his very thin, Dirk is a tough and physical player, he is much stronger than Montiejunas

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IMO he should patent his game after Pau rather then Dirk. Id rather have my bigs fighting down low then floating out on the periemeter. Dirk is the only 7 footer with his skill set as far as; off balance mid-range shots and 3's. Even though this kid has touch, I dont think it's Dirk touch. stay down low, itll help the team

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Dirk stronger because he is

Dirk stronger because he is older and filled out more. Montiejunas will keep getting bigger he is only 19.

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Yea Dirk was also very

Yea Dirk was also very skinny when he first got in the L. And even though I've only seen a few clips, Donatus seems pretty strong for such a skinny guy and should only get stronger.

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I know a lot of yall are not that high on this kid. But I beg to differ, top 3 selection that will drop to 7-10 because the euro's are not performing well. He will be an allstar in this league multiple times.

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