Source: Cavs Have Made Offer to Warrick

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Source: Cavs Have Made Offer to Warrick

The Cavaliers' major moves are done, but the finishing touches may not be.

According to a league source, the Cavs have a contract offer out to a forward and are hoping to get an answer within the next few days. That forward is believed to be Hakim Warrick, a 6-9 athletic big man who has played the past four seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies.

D Hamp
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Here we go, another former Syrause player!

Warrick is good and one of the more athletic forwards in the NBA. To me, he's just never gotten enough minutes.I could see him being a starter one day. What bothers me is his ability to bang is in the paint because he doesn't have the body build to add weight. He would be good with the Cavs. I give him a lot of credit, coming out of high school, wasn't even a top 150 player, so he's done well. He has a good attitude and plays hard. Nice addition.

Dhamp....the greatest mind in basketball. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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Thats all the Cavs are missing

All the Cavs really need is a vesatile forward like Warrick that can somewhat contribute on both ends of the court... other than that, they have all they need

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Warrick will never be more

Warrick will never be more than a role player in this league. I've been saying this from the moment Carmelo Anthony made him into a player worth recognition. I know Cleveland want's to win now, but your going to hurt JJ's development by doing so. A guess it's a price worth paying for a team that desperatly want's to win.

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I agree. I'd much rather

I agree. I'd much rather give JJ those minutes.

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Warrick may be the guy to

Warrick may be the guy to guard a Rashard Lewis and in Warrick is talented but undersized.

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