Report: Memphis Chose Z-Bo Over Boozer

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Report: Memphis Chose Z-Bo Over Boozer

Report: Memphis Chose Z-Bo Over Boozer

Jul 30, 2009 3:21 PM EST
The Memphis Grizzlies had the option of making a trade for Carlos Boozer that was similar to the one they made for Zach Randolph.

Lionel Hollins and the Grizzlies decided Boozer would not be a willing participant in Memphis

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Lionel Hollins not only did

Lionel Hollins not only did u give ur team cancer but u also took money out of you own pocket.....dumb dumb man

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I dont people overrate the

I dont people overrate the whole Randolph thing. He may not have the best personality in the NBA but there are lot of guys with worst personalities that have been in the right place and successful and we dont knock them. They had a choice of Boozer and Randolph and they chose Randolph. My thing is if you switch places with Randolph and Boozer. Randolph played more games. I doubt Boozer is that great in the locker room as well.

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They chose Randolph because

They chose Randolph because they felt like Boozer didn't want to be in Memphis. Coach Hollins felt like there was no chance Boozer would stay there beyond this season. Randolph just wants to find a home. It doesn't matter where. I agree with the move. Randolph isn't a cancer... He's just a little selfish on the offensive end and doesn't play defense unless extremely motivated. Maybe Hollins will get through to Randolph. We'll see...

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