2003 Draft: Best Second Round Ever

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2003 Draft: Best Second Round Ever

I was just looking through the 2003 draft which is already going down as one of the greatest draft classes of all time, and rightly so, thanks to players like Lebron, D-Wade and Melo.

What I didn't realize about the '03 draft was how deep it was. According to my count there were 10 players selected in the second round who are still in the league (Kapono, Walton, Blake, W. Green, Pachulia, Bogans, Bonner, Mo Williams, James Jones and Kyle Korver).

You can see that this list has a lot of deadly 3-point shooters. Not only are all these guys still in the league, but they are all solidly in their teams rotation. Mo Williams is a borderline all-star, and everyone else (except for Bogans possibly) is a valuable rotation player. I can't think of any other draft that has had nearly this much talent come out of the second round. Second round picks rarely make it, and for 10 of them to still be around 6 years later truly amazes me.

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We have yet to have a draft this deep n tha 2000's so far, but I think next years draft will probably b tha 2nd best in years

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