all star saturday night

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all star saturday night

who do you guys think will be in the slam dunk and three point shootouts on saturday night?

my picks

3 point shootout

Daequan Cook (returning champ)
Anthony Morrow
Kevin Martin
JR Smith
Stephen Curry
Danny Granger

Winner: Anthony Morrow

Slam Dunk Contest

Nate Robinson (returning champ)
James White
Brandon Jennings (Wins the rookie vote between him, Demar Derozan, Gerald Henderson)
Lebron James(Said he would be in it although I would rather see Mike Taylor)

Winner: James White

What does everyone think?

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Your winners wont get enough

Your winners wont get enough burn to be in the contest.

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Derozan Over Jennings

Derozan Over Jennings

Tha King2121
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Dunk Contest

I really know these guys wont be in it but i would love them to do it

1. Kobe
2. V.C
3. Lebron
4. Dwight Howard

Who wouldnt die to see this?

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Iguodala will be in the Slam

Iguodala will be in the Slam Dunk, if he isnt an all-star. He still might even if he is, and he will win if he participates.

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