toronto raptors..

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toronto raptors..

is it just me or does anybody else think toronto can be a contender this year.... they are 2 positions deep everywhere with most of them being good enough to be starters elsewhere... (except some backup bigs..)

calderon/ jack
derozan/ bellinelli
turkoglu/ wright

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back up for bosh would be

back up for bosh would be reggie evans, wouldn't it?

Toronto looks good, but i'm still skeptical until i see it actually work on the court.

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backup center

rasho is back to the raps and will easily be the backup for the center position, also with this team you dont need many backups because many of the players can play several positions... jack plays both guard spots, derozan plays both wing positions, hedo can play sg, sf, and possibly line up at pf with his size, bosh can also play center( but more comfortable in his natural pf position) and bargnani can play center, power forward, and possibly small forward... he will play mostly center, but i think he will be better at the power forward position with his skills, and he did play some games at the small forward position, which looked alright and would create major mismatches

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