I never thought I would say this....

Maybe the T-Wolves need to be getting Kevin McHale back. What the hell is David Kahn doing? He drafted 4 point guards in the draft, one of which would rather play in Spain than come to the NBA, and lost Foye and Miller in the process. Then he trades away the only PG who actually has some experience and a good role player in Craig Smith because they were "loaded" in the middle. Really? Love, Al and who else? As a T-Wolves fan, I'm starting to think that this franchise is going to constantly be a laughing stock.

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veteran pg

they did get a veteran point guard in the oklahama city trade with etan thomas... i dont think the gm is doing a bad job, just cause you dont get what he is doing doesnt make it wrong

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Nah dude. He's actually

Nah dude. He's actually doing a good job. McHale would have never made deals like this. We would've been stuck with the same players. Matter of fact he probably would've traded flynn and rubio for some crappy big man. I think Kahn is just trying to build Rubios value so that we can trade him for someone really good

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