Donnie Walsh and the Knicks

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Donnie Walsh and the Knicks

I truthfully believe that any move that Walsh makes this offseason will benefit this team.

What do Knicks fan think of possibly getting Tinsley or even Wafer.

Also do you see the Knicks being better than last year?

I think they improve a bit and are still a year or two away from the playoffs

In Donnie Walsh we trust.

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I don't know why Knicks fans

I don't know why Knicks fans are so high on Walsh... He is supossed to be a great basketball mind but his last 6-7 years with the Pacers weren't special.

Which brings up the point.. the Pacer's also had Isaiah Thomas... and got rid of him before the Knicks brought him in to run the show....

Maybe New York should quit taking what Indiana gets rid of, in hopes that what didn't work for the Pacers will work for them as a rebuilding effort ;)

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I don't know, Knicks seem to

I don't know, Knicks seem to not have the best luck.

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