Worse Defensive Team ever? And Possible first totally foreign team ever?

Toronto, with the trade for Marco Bellinelli, could be the worse defensive team EVER!

C- Bargnani - Horrible post defensive player, decent weakside shotblocker
Pf - Bosh - Same as Barg; They're both just to weak and get pushed around
Sf - Turk - mediocre defensive player; He tries, but does not possess the physical skills to compete at that end
Sg&pg - Bellinelli and Calderon - Both do not even try to stay in front of their man

I will admit, this team will be fun as hell to watch on offense.

On another note, If Bosh gets hurt, and Rash is subed would they be the first NBA team to start 5 internationals? Its to bad D' Antoni or Messina are not the coach of this team.


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Calderon was injured last

Calderon was injured last season so his ability to stay in front of his man was hurt. He's still not great even when healthy, but he does try at that. I thought Bargnani improved in terms of defence but in the country to watch most games so it's hard for me to say, but from what I remember, he didn't seem to get pushed around as often. That being said though, he's still not that great and could use work.

Like you said, the team will be fun to watch on offence but even before the Belinelli trade, the raptors were probably one of the worst defensive teams anyways. losing george hurts them a little bit but since he never actually played for the raptors yet, and if you compare the team to last years team, the defence didn't take much of a hit. I really think the raptors season is going to be another coin toss like last year but at least it looks like they're more likely to win than lose compare to last year.

i really hate jay triano, he needs to grow some onions.

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Note that tax teams, like the

Note that tax teams, like the Lakers, had a pared down Mini-MLE to offer at $3.09 million this offseason. L.A. still has $1.59 million to spend after using a portion to sign Jodie Meeks.

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That’s where Johnson-Odom can

That’s where Johnson-Odom can earn a spot. If he can prove to Lakers head coach Mike Brown that he can manage minutes at two with a different, athletic look defensively, Johnson-Odom may have a sizable edge over Goudelock.

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