What About This Deal?

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What About This Deal?

Since the Bobcats traded Emeka Okafor, they don't really have a true power forward on the roster, Diaw is a tweener and Radmanovic is a more finesse player, who loves to shoot from deep...That being said, I think the Knicks should sign & trade Davide Lee, along with Saer Sene, to the Bobcats for Raymond Felton (Felton would have to get about the same amount of money as Lee for it to match up, maybe a 3 or 4 year, $45 million contract would be good)....Larry Brown loved Lee's work ethic when he coached the Knicks, so he would love for Lee to come to Charlotte..And Felton would give the Knicks the point guard they been craving for, I see this as being a perfect fit for both teams

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If this happens then i would be proud to say the bobcats

would have there 1st positive offseason. At - A - Boiiii MJ

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i like the trade for the

i like the trade for the knicks but the bobcats like a slow pace so i don't know how lee would be in a offense like that

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Dude Felton is good but he

Dude Felton is good but he is not $15 million a year good.

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felton won't get a deal

felton won't get a deal that's worth over 8 mil. he's not that good. if lee takes the knicks offer which is in the range from 8-9 mil, then maybe this works. i'm not sold felton is the pg of the for the knicks. he was given the reigns in charlotte but he didn't pan out. lee would be okay playing in charlotte, but i think it was larry brown who didn't play him much. i think the only reason lee did was coz frye went down with an injury.

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You would have to give up

You would have to give up more then Felton. Like Felton and Wallace...or Felton, Brown and Diop

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