Jason Kidd & Gary Payton

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Jason Kidd & Gary Payton

2 of my favorite point guards of all time. just interested to see where you think they rank as point guards of all time? for me personally, top 10 for both. what re your thoughts?

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both are overrated

both are overrated

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Payotn and Kidd

From about '95 to 2003 those were the 2 best pg's in the game. Kidd has been better this decade, but Payton was the better pg in his prime. They both pushed the ball and played great D. Payton was the much better offensive player though. He was often the number one option on hs team and he had a great post up and mid range game. People who have only seen the tail end of his career have no idea what he was capable of. I prime Glove would absolutely be right in the conversation with CP3 and DWill, same goes for a prime Kidd. Kidd has really lost a lot of his speed since his younger days. Kidd in the halfcourt is nowhere near as special as the Kidd who could rip down a rebound at one end and push ut up the court at full speed.

As for their all time ranking, definitely top 10 for both.

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i agree completely payton

i agree completely payton prime could lock down anybody and kidd could pretty much break anybody down off the dribble and they were true points pass first get the team involved guys
i would say both top ten and kidd maybe sneaks into top 5 talk

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Funny, but both of these

Funny, but both of these guys basically grew up together in the same area. They're both in the top ten all-time. If Kidd could shoot, he'd be right up there with Magic, Oscar, Isiah and Stockton IMO.

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All i know is I would

All i know is I would definately rather watch GP and the Reign man play then watch J-Kidd and K-mart

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Top 10 easy, I agree Kidd

Top 10 easy, I agree Kidd will be looked at better historically b/c his numbers are uniqu w/ those triple dubs.

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