James harden

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James harden

i hear alot of broy comparisons and imo broy reminds me of joe johnson does james harden remind any1 of joe johnson

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Meh... remings me of a

Meh... remings me of a shorter John Salmons

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harden is more explosive

harden is more explosive athletically then roy was his rookie year.
johnson and roy have similar playing styles but broy imo is better winner, plays faster in transition and is not as physical due 2 his size(weight).
john salmons is a late bloomer who plays somewhat like roy and johnson but on a lower level.
harden looks more mayo but just more pass first.

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reminds me of

he reminds me of ginobli and brandon roy when he slashes to the rim like ginobli and he is a sneaky athlete like roy cause roy and harden can dunk on you if they want to.

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Manu all the way n maybe a lil like roy but more manu

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I'm curious to see how he plays in the nba. I don't think his immediate impact will be as good as a lot of people think. I can see the Manu comparison, but one difference is that Harden is very unselfish and under control at all times. Manu likes to attack the rim with reckless abandon and can play out of control at times. Harden is very patient and will take his time to read the court before he looks to attack.

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