Wayne Ellington

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Wayne Ellington

What yall think about Wayne's game he got a decent chance to start too

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resign carney so he can start

resign carney so he can start

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Gotta agree. Carney showed

Gotta agree. Carney showed some game and I think they took the BPA with Ellington.

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Like his game

I like Ellingtons game he got a chance but he is a rookie i think he will get playing time though.

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plating time

If Ellington get the right playing time i think he can average like 11ppg he got a silky jumpshot and he slashes to the hoop good him and johnny flynn got a good future i think.

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Poor mans McCants.

Poor mans McCants. Ellington does not need to be starting. Carney doesn't need to be starting either. Minnesota is awful.

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Don't see anything similiar with Ellington/McCants

Other than they both played the 2 at North Carolina. Ellington's game is a lot more smoother than McCants, and he's shown a lot more variety in his offensive repertoire. He's always reminded me of Rip Hamilton (excellent mid range, shoots well off the dribble, not overly explosive, moves well without the ball, and doesn't force bad shots).

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Romeezy- agree completely.

Romeezy- agree completely. (this is my vote for ROY for posters lol)

McCants is a much more offensively gifted player than Wayne, besides maybe pure shooting. McCants is much better off the dribble. McCants is one of the most talented guys around, he just doesn't have it together mentally.

Agree with the Hamilton comparison except I think Hamilton is a way tougher guy, we'll see.

I say start Ellington and Flynn. Why not? Carney is not a good enough ballhandler, and he's just not very good. He responded really well at first to the added playing time, but he kind of fell off once people figured out how to shut him down. I could see them starting the guy from OKC over Ellington though. My feeling is we got nothing to gain by not having them play, the experience will be good for them and it'll get us more pingpong balls if nothing else.

Give me Jonny, Wayne + Q Rich + Gomes + Jeff, run and if there's nothing there wait for al to get down there. What if it was jonny and ricky though.

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agree with romeezy

i like wayne game a lot better than mccants. i wasnt very high on mccants when he came out and i have no reason to be high on him now. i havent seen mccants play in a while but i have seen wayne and i think wayne will get a good bit of minutes this year on a depleted twolves team

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I'm sorry, but I think Wayne

I'm sorry, but I think Wayne Ellington is overrated. I've thought so ever since he was in high school. Ellington will get minutes this year, but only because the T-Wolves have no two-guards.

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