Rate yourself as a basketball player

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Yeah I heard about that, I

Yeah I heard about that, I think I could have been a 4 year 2 way starter there haha.

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Minneapois Southwest HS...

Minneapois Southwest HS... and no, it was 1 td the WHOLE TIME I WAS THERE!!!!!!! how awful is that

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Ouch, I think when I was a

Ouch, I think when I was a sophomore we averaged over 50 a game. While locking down Michael Floyd (Notre Dame recevier) and Seantrel Henderson (number 1 player in Nation according to rivals). Check those names out and we won the state ship like 50-24 or something. Both future 1st round NFL draft picks. It's impressive.



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ya dig

Age 17

Athleticism- 8
Potential-8 (i just need more help one on one)
Passng- 6

I am 6'3 and weight 175 i am first cousins with pops mensah-bonsu of the tornonto raptors. and also kojo mensah formerly a member of siena college basketball n now is an nba free agent. I im pretty quick and i have been dunking since i was in the 8th grade. i need more one on one help though with ball handling and learn plays. I punish defenses on transitions hoops all day. When the game is slowed down i tend to make mistakes passing to my other team mates.

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heard of Michael Floyd for

heard of Michael Floyd for sure. im out though, got a CPA exam tomorrow.

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Age: 17 Height: 6'3" Weight:

Age: 17
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190
Position: SG
Athleticism- 6
Size- 7
Quickness- 5
Potential- 8
Passing- 9
NBA Comparison-Kyle Korver
i played jv bball my soph year and avg 20 a game but i had to quit because the coaches and i didnt get along his style is all defense and as u see on my ratings i dont play any D ha,,,so i joined the rec league here and i dropped 40 points in one game,,all i really like to do is drop tha 3 ball thats why im like Korver:)

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20 yrs old 6'4

20 yrs old

6'4 175lbs

Defense:6 (lazy at times)

an overall 64 out of a possible 90

I'd make a good practice player lol

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Age: 14Height: 5'3Weight:

Age: 14
Height: 5'3
Weight: 109
Position: PG/SG
Vertical Leap:24.5

Athleticism- 9
Size- 6
Quickness- 9
Potential- 10
Passing- 10

I Modeled my offensive game on Tmac,
I'm small, tho i will grow!!(I hope -.-)
And guys say i'm a good defender
Best Achievements:
61 Points 11 Reb and 13 Assists in a 6th Grade basketball game (3 overtime)
I couldnt play in 7th grade Because i was new to the school (no physicals and everything)
I'm gonna be playing in 8th Grade
I averaged 26ppg in 6th Grade
I also have a 24.5 Vertical Jump which is good for a 14 yr old thats only 5'3

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28 5'9 160 pass first point

28 5'9 160
pass first point guard

athleticism 7
size 3
quickness 9
ballhandling 8
passing 9
defense 8

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haha, none of you guys must not be track guys...

let me start off my stating that 18.4 mph is not very fast at all (but maybe on a treadmill)... an average high school sprinter (who runs like a 11.5 sec 100, or a 4.8 40) will be running almost 9.5 meters per second... which is almost 21.5mph... an elite high school sprinter (who runs a 10.5 second 100, or a 4.45 40) will be running somewhere around 10 to 11 meters per second... which is 22.5 to 25 mph... bolt runs around 12.1 meters per second, which is roughly 27.5 mph...

anyways, to the topic...

my scores are compared to the average d1 basketball player...

Age- 21
Size- 5' 9", 185 lbs, 6' 2" wingspan
Comparison- Bayless

Athleticism ( all the aspects of ) 9
Size 3
Quickness 9
Jumper 4
Ballhandling 6
Potential 5
IQ 3
Passing 5
Defense 7

my playing style is similar to bayless... i use my athleticism to attack the rim and am a good finisher... my outside shot is not that great, but my mid range pull up is pretty decent... i am also a very good rebounder and pretty good man defender... i am not a true point guard (i can't really just set up an offense and guide a team from the top) but i can pass decently from penetration... i am a somewhat selfish offensive player, and am definitely a shoot first point guard...

explanations (in order)-

i am a legit athlete and was getting letters from d1 schools for track (mostly) and football (was a little too small)... i ran a 10.6 auto timed 100 meter, and a 4.45 forty... i also have around a 35" vertical (which allows me to dunk)... i also can bench 275 and squat 405...

i am pretty short for a d1 player... obviously... haha

see above for quickness...

my jumper is very streaky... but it is more cold than hot... my form also is very inconsistent... my pull up is decent, but my set shot is very hit or miss...

my handle is the same as my shot... i constantly cross people over, and have a lot of moves, but i do stupid things like dribble off my foot, or give my defender cookies all the time...

my athleticism is the only thing that gives me potential... my skills are very raw, so i could improve greatly with good coaching, but i'm still obviously not a d1 basketball player (more of a football and track guy...)

i only played one year of high school basketball (but i play on a daily basis at my college rec center, and routinely play with the WSU basketball players because i am friends with a lot of the players)... because of my lack of quality coaching and experience, my on playing bball IQ is very limited...

i am a good passer, as i have above average court vision and am a nifty passer... however, i throw the ball away way more than i should (because i force passes too much)...

i am a good defender because i am athletic, strong, have good length, and have very quick reactions... i also have very good shot block timing and am an explosive leaper... i am good at stealing passes (from my defensive back days in football)... but i also take way too many risks going for steals and blocks and don't especially understand team defense...

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Nba Talent

Comparison: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Larry Bird

Age: N/A
Athleticism: 10
Size: 10
Quickness: 10
Jumper: 10
Ball Handling: 10
Potential: 10
I.Q.: 10
Passing: 10
Defense: 10
Strength: 10

Why am i not in the mock drafts...where is my draft profile.....why am i not in the NBA!?????

....sike i wish i was good =(

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Here's a laugh for you

Here's a laugh for you guys

Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 220
Position: PF

Athleticism- 3
Size- 2
Quickness- 5
Jumper- 1
Potential- 1
Passing- 8

I hope you all enjoyed that.

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If I had the athleticism and height of Tyrus Thomas, I would definitely beat him one on one... The guy just doesn't know how to put his talent into good use because if everyone here has his athleticism and physique, I know you can beat him one on one...tsk... such a wasted talent when we all know that we have a better feel and IQ for the game than he has... I just hope he steps up with the Bulls this season because it is already his contract year...

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Good subject

29 years old
6 feet 1 inches
175 pounds

Athleticism 7
Size 6
Quickness 8
Jumper 7
Ballhandling 7
Potential 5
IQ 9
Passing 8
Defense 9

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h-t 5-1`0
w-t 132(im skinny &$#%#[email protected]!)
pos-pg/sg(iundersized but hey iverson played the 2 once in awhile too)

Athleticism- 8
Size- 3
Quickness- 10
Potential- 9
Passing- 8
tony parker with a jumpshot.

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I just couldn't not read

I just couldn't not read your posts or rate myself.

22 6'3 pg

Athleticism 5
Size 9
Quickness 5
Jumper 6(good midrange no range)
Ballhandling 5
Potential 2
IQ 9
Passing 7
Defense 9

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Yo... Include a comparison so that we have an idea what game you have, ayt???^^ it's fun to actually compare yourself to an NBA Player...Of corz, in an honest way...

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Compared to prospects...

Position: PG
Height: 5'9
Weght: 140 (now I box so had to get my weight down, walking weight 162)
Athleticism: 7
Size: 4
Quickness: 9
Jumper: 7 (was a 8 haven't played enough lately)
Ball-handling: 8 (was a 9 haven't played enough lately)
Potential: 5
I.Q.: 7 (like I said before)
Passing: 8
Defense: 11 (I pride myself on the defensive end, won all-conference a couple of times in HS, can guard players up to 6-2)
Strength: 7 (was a 8 before boxing)

I'm a little rusty. I played lke 3 weeks ago and did decent, but not the usual... But my defense was still there... LOL... O, My 40 time in HS was 4.52 on rocks... Our track wasn't done yet...

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Position: Pg Height: 5.8 (

Position: Pg
Height: 5.8 ( hoping to be 6.1 or 6.2 soon.
Weight: 115 ( skinny as hell )
Athlericism: 3 ( still aways from touching rim )
Size: 5 ( decent size for a pg.
Quickness: 4 ( cant move that well my weakness )
Jumper: 8 ( second best shooter on my team )
Ball-handling: ( i used to spend at least 4 hours a day dribbling in my kitchen, my mom got so mad at me for breaking too many dishes )
Potential: 4 ( not athletic enough to go far )
I.Q.: 8 ( playing since i was 6 )
Passing: 5 ( not as good a passer as dribbler )
Strength: 3 ( skinny as hell )
i have high Bball iq but am not very athletic or strong. this is compared to who i play against not prospects.

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Well I'm 6'7 185 lbs. I play D1 ball but also alot of pickup, just love the game.
I'm a sg, sf. But when I play sf my coach usually has me play a point forward type role cause I use to be shorter and played point.

Athleticism-7 (not a great leaper but i can through it down every now and then)
size-8 (I'm tall and really long arms)
Quickness-6 (not extremely quick I would describe it as a smooth style rather than a quick)
Jumper-9 (I can shoot the lights out if I have to and really pride myself on the mid-range)
Ballhandling-8 ( like I said I use to play point. I don't do too many fancy moves but can dribble well for my height.
Potential-6 (I'm skinny as mess so some size and strength could help me, but I'm just not athletic enough.
IQ-8 (comes with being a former point)
Defense-7 (probably the weakest part of my game bc I am so skinny, I read passing lanes real well and can block some jumpers, but stats don't grade defense.)

If I had to compare my style to someone in the nba it would probably be joe johnson (obviously alot worse tho.) I can score and have in my career (6 25 point games in my career) But I am mostly a well rounded player.

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where do you play d1 ball?

where do you play d1 ball?

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Age: 15 Position:

My skills... Compared to my YMCA/HS opponents.

Age: 15
Position: PG/SG
Height: 6-0
Weight: 150
Comparison: Shane Battier, Gerald Henderson Jr. (less athletic)

Athleticism - 6.5 - Not really a good leaper, but decent.
Size - 6 - Good size for a PG, not for a SG.
Quickness - 8.5 - Pretty fast...
Jumper - 8.5 - Great mid-range game, but I disappear sometimes from 3pt range.
Ballhandling - 7 - I get in trouble when I have to rely too much on my left hand.
Potential - 4 - Sure I'm 15, but I'm not getting that basketball scholarship anytime soon.
IQ - 8 - I don't know everything, but I don't do anything stupid.
Defense - 10 - Lockdown perimeter defense, decent post defense against non-PF/Cs

I've also got by own "modified" version of the Dream Shake, lol... But it does work pretty well against the people I play with.

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My Game. Age: 17 Position:

My Game.
Age: 17
Position: PG
Height: 5-10
Weight: 135
Comparison: Brevin Knight

Athleticism 5 - poor athleticism
Size 5.5 - small and thin too even for a PG
Quickness 8 - ala Eric Maynor, lacks that quick step
Jumper 7.5 - midrange OK, 3 pt not yet
Ballhandling 9 - good ballhandler
Potential 6 - not much, relying much on defense and court smarts
IQ 8.5 - not TO prone, calm during pressure
Passing 8.5 - not flashy but effective
Defense 9 - can play lockdown, knack for stealing the ball.

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Age: 21 Position: I've

Age: 21
Position: I've played all 5 at some point, most comfortable playing on the perimeter
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 150 soaking wet
Comparison: When I was little all I did was shoot the 3 ball and I wanted to be like Reggie Miller, now I try to play more like Shane Battier.

Athleticism - 8 - I'm a skinny white guy and I can't dunk but I will jump over you to get the ball if it's going to help me win.
Size - 7 - In a rec game I'm usually one of the 3 or 4 tallest guys, but realistically for my skill set I'm undersized
Quickness - 6 - I'm not going to beat you off the dribble most of the time but I'm going to find a way around you somehow.
Jumper - 3 - If you leave me wide open I can make you pay, but other than that it needs more work. When I was little I was 5'4'' and all I practiced was shooting, but now when I got taller I haven't worked on it as much as I should.
Ballhandling - 5 - It's nothing special. I used to be a PG but that was a long time ago haha.
Potential - 1 - I am what I am, that's not going to change anytime soon.
IQ - 9 - I'm almost never going to take the game winner but I'm not going to make the stupid plays that lose the game.
Defense - 10 - Regularly guard the best player, whether it's a C or a PG. I play defense with the mentality that if you never touch the ball you can't help your team win. Also, I never stop running. If I can't beat you straight up I'm going to make you quit. I'm not saying I can lock down anyone but I get sick of one guy killing us on the opposite team, especially when he's getting uncontested looks after he already has 20 points. At the gym after work I always get stuck guarding this 6'7'' dude and it f***ing sucks guarding someone who has half a foot and 80-100 pounds on you.

I love to play defense, rebound, and make all the little plays that no one focuses on. I would rather have 10 rebounds or 10 assists or save the ball from going out of bounds 10 times than have 30 points any day of the week.

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6'2'' with a 6'2'' wingspan,

6'2'' with a 6'2'' wingspan, vert used to be around 35-37 range, now at 27 its probably around 33. Can still dunk, but just one handed, High school starter in my day, undersized Sf, good mid range game and jumper out to the college 3. Lots of D2 track offers and one D1 back in my day so i fashionmyself a good athlete, im pretty thin about 175, but have been lifting weights since i was 14 so i have above average strength, could probably do 185 ( combine weight) 12 -15 times. Great shot blocker good hops and timing, but short for a forward and not a great ball handler for a guard. High IQ good post passer,...
Compared to prospects and my NBA position would be a guard,...WAY to short to play SF at that level

Athleticism -7 ( like I said good, but no LeBron)
Size- 7 ( 6'2'' 175 for a combo guard, still pretty short )
Quickness- 6 ( good first step, but not the quickest )
Jumper 6 ( great mechanics, just not a lot of range )
Ball Handling 5 ( ok, but nothing to brag about )
Potential 1 ( 27 year old post-up 6'2'' guard , NBA has no room for me!)
IQ- 8 ( played and watched for a long time )
Passing 7 ( always a low turnover guy, great high low game )
Defense 6/ 7 ( 10 in pickup game, but a smart fundamental defender with good timing
Strength 9 ( probably as strong as a lot of NBA guards

projection ; NOT DRAFTED....pick up game champ and city league All-star

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age: 15 Position:shooting

age: 15
Position:shooting guard,small forward,power forward
height: 5'10
comparison:Maybe Sasha Vujacic
athleticism:4 or 5.although i'm semi tall for my age i have no hops and im pretty unathletic
size:5 height wise my size is solid,weight wise i'm usually the skinniest on the court.
quickness:5. not very fast, but i'm creative on the dribble and can sometimes find a way past faster dudes
jumper:8 Very unorthodox shot im also a lefty. if left open its money in the bank,if not, it is just so so.
ballhandling:6 it is average it can sometimes be below average other days i am crossing a lot of people over
potential: 10 i am 15 and a half years old only 5'9 or 5'10 but my mom says i am VERY similar to my grandpa and i remind her alot of he was a legit 6'8 and so was his brother and i am very confident i'll end up over 6 foot tall also i'm a Very undersized power forward if i add height i already have all the post moves
IQ 5 just average
defense 4

i am never the most talented player on the court, but i love the game with all of my heart. i had to give up basketball for a period of time because of bad grades and getting in trouble with the law and i realized it was my life. Luckily i was given a second chance and i play with all my heart every time im on the court. i play angry, i play with energy, and i play with passion and great emotion.

Pierre Jordan
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Pierre Jordan 6'0"

Pierre Jordan
6'0" 170lbs

Athleticism- 9
Size- 4
Quickness 9
Jumper 9
Ballhandling 9
Potential 10
IQ 9
Passing 8
Defense 7

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Athleticism:7(can tap the rim two footed)
Size: 5(bad for even high school)
Ball Handling: 9
Jumper:10(my calling card!)
NBA comparison:Roger Mason Jr.

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Age- 25 Height-

Age- 25
Height- 5'11
Position- PG/SG well on SG in leagues where I'm a bit taller
Athleticism- 6, hurt my back in high school n was never the same
Size- 6, when i play in mens height can be one of the biggest, middle of the pack or shortest
Quickness- 6- lost it when i got hurt, trying to gain some of it back
Jumper- 8- i love the mid range game but I'm only an average 3point shooter...developed a mid range after watching Bibby so much
Ballhandling- 7.5- decent crisp handle, not flashy but steady
Potential- 6- gave up my hoop dreams so I dont work on my game as much anymore
IQ-8- understand the game and have a great feel
Passing-9- try to pass like Kidd and D Will, pattern my passing game after them
Defense-7- man i wish I played D like GP, my lack of explosiveness is made up with hustler and heart
Comparison- A Less athletic....Kirk Hinrich or Toby Bailey or Drew Barry(former Georgia Tech star and brother of Jon and Brent)

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my names martin peterson im six foot one i wiegh 175

Athleticism: 9
Size: 6 or 7
Quickness: 7 or 8 cause i take long strides to get were i want

Jumper: 7
Ballhandling: 7
Potential: 7 or 8 dont know till i try harder
IQ: 9
Passing: 9 i like to give up the ball more than shoot it i get everyone involed

Defense: 7

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Major bump...

I wonder what Dalen Qualls would rate himself...

EDIT: Wow, he already did...

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Athleticism: 7
Size: 1
Quickness: 10
Jumper: 8
Ballhandling: 5
Potential: 4
IQ: 7
Passing: 7
Defense: 9

More of a spot up shooter and ferocious and intense defender

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I would guess you to be a mixture between Capt. Jack and Charles Oakley.....

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Age-17 weight-177 height-6'2'




Size- 8
Ballhandling-5 or 6
Defense- on ball I would say 5, off ball I would say 8

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Me in depth




Athleticism: 7
Size: 1
Quickness: 10
Jumper: 8
Ballhandling: 5
Potential: 4
IQ: 7
Passing: 7
Defense: 9

Very undersized guard, but with a big heart.

Outhustles everyone and in a tenacious and agressive on ball defender. Never gives up and frusterates his opponents. Always the quickest player on the court. A great offensive rebounder for his size

More of a spot up shooter, with range up to 30 feet and very solid from mid range and at the line.

AAU stats:



PPG: 4.75

APG: 2.0

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I've never heard a better description of myself.

Demarcus Oneal
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Age-17 weight-150 height-6'1'



height-6'1'' 6-7 wingspan no lie

Size- 5 reallly really skinny
Atheleticism- I can dunk 7

Quickness-7 pretty decent speed
Jumper-10 not gonna lie my jumper 's pretty icey
Ballhandling- 8
Defense- 6

Passing- 6.5

Im a pretty good player playing varsity got freakish long arms and legs absolutely no torso at all, a really nice jumper, decent atheleticism and speed need to work on being unselfish and passing at times. Play point guard shooting guard need to bulk up.

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20 Years old 6'0.5 PG NBA

20 Years old 6'0.5 PG NBA Comparison: Jeff Teague

Athleticism-9 Can dunk easily off one or two and we tested our verts last week here before season started had a 33 standing and a 39.5 running vert(Big league hops and crazy agility, also crazy open court speed):

Quickness-10 various scouts have said i have a big league first step and jason terry like athleticism and abilities:

Size:6 6'0.5 165 but a 6'7.5 wingspan

Jumper: 7 Mid range good, 3 pointer decent

Ballhandling: 9 hella combination moves, counter moves go left or right comfortably

Potential: 8 Hopefully if I can get stronger , I could play pro someday, def going D1 after this JUCO route.

IQ: 6 cant even lie my speed and quickness gets me in trouble a whole lot

Passing: 7 Wont do any Rondo type things or Steve Nash, basic kick drives or get in the paint and draw the defender give it to the big simple plays.

Defense: 8 When I really want to I can lock anyone up

Rated #7 Combo guard outta highschool right behind the likes of Manny Harris(NBA), Kalin Lucas(MSU),Chase SimonUofD leading scorer), Laval Lucas Perry(UofM last year now Oakland University) and Tramaine Butler(Alabama State starting PG)

Names David Stinson by the way

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oh and I heard you have a touch of Kermit Washington in you....

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Relative to pick-up

Relative to pick-up players:

Athleticism ( all the aspects of ) - 5 (pretty good speed and quickness for my size, but I can't jump and after about 4 games my knees have had it)
Size - 7 (6'4" 205)
Quickness - 7 (I have good footspeed, but I'm not sure why.)
Jumper - 9 (always has been my biggest strength)
Ballhandling - 5 (serviceable at best)
Potential - 1 (I'm way past my prime. It's all downhill from here...unless I get bionic legs.)
IQ - 6 (as much as I've played, I still do stupid crap)
Passing - 7 (I'm a good passer, but I don't pass as much as I should.)
Defense - 7 (fairly quick with long arms)

Now, relative to NBA players:

Athleticism ( all the aspects of ) - 1
Size - 3
Quickness - 1
Jumper - 5
Ballhandling - 1
Potential - 1 (can I go negative?)
IQ - 2
Passing - 1
Defense - 1

NBA Comparison - Bob Cousy (present day)

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Age: 22 Position: PG Height:

Age: 22

Position: PG

Height: 6'2" w/o Shoes

Weight: 223lbs

Wingspan: 6'7.5"

Vert: ~31"

Pickup game/NBA comparision

Athleticism: 7/4 ( I can dunk, but theres kids 5'7" with legit 40" verts in my town.)

Size: 8/8

Defense: 10/6 (I can guard. I love defense. I love positioning, I love timing, I love using my quick hands and long arms to disrupt passing lanes and contest shots. My one issue is biting on really good pump fakes, but I've defended players 3 inches taller with proficency.)

Strength: 8/6

Quickness: 7/3

Leadership: 8/0

Jump Shot: 8/7 (My mid range game and off the ball movement is crazy. And I have legit NBA range, just no where near NBA consistancy.

NBA Ready:------

Rebounding: 10/3

Ball handling: 8/4

Potential: ??/?? We'll see

Passing: 10/7 (my most natural attribute, seeing the play before it happens, even tho my development was stunted in this regard as I played C/PF untill my junior year of high school)

Post Skills: 10/3 (In pick up games I'm just smarter than anyone else in the post... my drop step is nice.)

Intangibles: ??/??

Honestly, I'm usually the best player in any game I play on playgrounds... unless D1 players are involved.

I used to run a 4.74 40 and a 5:25 mile.

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age: 16 height- 6'1 weight-

age: 16
height- 6'1
weight- 195
position- Strictly shooting guard

Athleticism- 4 (25 inch vert)
Size- 6 (for my weight im pretty buff)
Quickness - 4 (not my strongest nut i can keep up)
Jumper - 8 (its what im known for, some knights i can light up and Never miss)
Ballhandling - 7 (im probably the best handler for a whiteboy in my whole city, or used to be)
Potential - 2 ( had to get a job...)
IQ - 1 ( i get lost VERY easily and something dont fit in on the court)
Passing - 6 ( i give dime passes when i play with the right stle of people)
Defense - 2 (i can when i want to but im really lazy most of the time)

high school average- 14ppg, 3apg, 4 rpg, 1.5 spg, .5 bpg

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