Does DeAndre Jordan has a chance?

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Does DeAndre Jordan has a chance?

Does DeAndre Jordan has a chance to be in an All-Star level? I see tons of potential in this kid where he doesn't need to improve his weaknesses but he needs to focus more on his strengths... He has a lot of upside in terms of his athleticism and his defensive awareness... At 6'11 and 250 lbs, he has the height... He usually is consistent on defense when given quality minutes... I saw his performances and I can tell you, this kid is something... In just his 4th game of his career, he grabbed 20 rebounds against the Golden State... In his first career start, he had 6 blocks, 10 rebounds and 8 points against the T'wolves...In a game against the Lakers, he had an amazing 23 points and 12 rebounds which included 10 dunks in that game something that only Shaq and Dwight has done in the past 10 years... Do you think he has what it takes to make it to the next level and reach his All-Star potential???

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Still has to develop a lot

He hasn't been a top notch player since high school, and i don't think he is going to blow up with one year of increased playing time. I follow the Big 12 a lot and he showed tremendous potential, but failed to dominate or even raise to probably the top 3 players on his team in his lone year of college ball. He still has to learn to avoid foul trouble, keep his cool, and learn some more offense moves. In my opinion he has to work on the same things Greg Oden does right now, I think he could be a top 5 center in a couple years, in my opinion, but the NBA is depleted at that position, maybe a 16 and 10 guy at his peak.

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He has potential, but I'm not ready to call him a potential all-star yet. He has a lot to work on. Keep in mind, the game where he dropped 23 on the Lakers, Bynum had 42 at the other end.

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he has a long way to go.

he has a long way to go. Steal by the Clippers down the road

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it won't be this year that

it won't be this year that he breaks out into a starting center worthy guy. it will be the year after when camby is gone and kaman gets injured. he will take the starting job and run with it at the all-star break in 2011. eventually he might end up being an all-star, but he will have to work really hard every summer like he did this summer. if he does, he will become an all-star but him working that hard every summer is not a guarantee.

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not in LA

He will never get playing time in LA

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The sky is the limit for

The sky is the limit for Jordan. His athleticism is off the charts, he runs the floor, rebounds very well and is a good shot blocker. I think he DEF. has the talent to become an all-star. He just needs to continue working hard and getting better like he did this summer. Most importantly and most obvious, he needs to gain more experience from playing time. He'll get more playing time this upcoming season than he did last season, but it still won't be enough. Like someone said above... He won't be a starter until Camby is no longer w/ the team and Kaman gets traded/injured. He just has to keep working hard, watching film and learning as much as possible until he gets his opportunity.

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