Kevin Durant or Lebron James?

Who future is brighter Kevin Durant or Lebron James?

Kevin Durant is twenty years old an arguable the best all around scorer in the league and he only twenty years old i read on espn at the summer team select game coaches and gm's are saying Kevin can be just as good as lebron. Kevin is a great talent but he is very thin and he looks to shoot rather than drive but he is a great shooter. I compare Kevin to a young T-Mac or George Gervin. Even Davis Stern said Kevin is the the future of the nba.

LeBron James is a proven player but i been reading things and they are saying Kevin potential is the same or its higher than Lebron. Do I agree i dont really know. I know Lebron is the best slasher in the league its a toss up between him and wade but Lebron is good or great everything. Lebron is closer to superman in the league to Dwight he has no weakness except his jumpshot but when he is hot u cant let him shoot and his defense isnt great but its good. I dont have a comparison for Lebron he is a freak of nature.

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Durant is a beast

Im starting to think that to and he is a gym rat always trying to work on every aspect of his game. I think thunder will be contenders in two years possibly a championship in about 4 or 5 years. They need a center.

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I like Durant and I think he will be a top notch superstar in this league. But at this point, he does not belong in the same discussion as Lebron. Shooting is the only thing Durant does better then Lebron, and Lebron is no slouch in that area. Durant has'nt carried a team into playoff contention yet and we are crowning him the future? Not even close yet guys.

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