Tracy McGrady

What do you guys think of Tmac
He says he's coing back at 100%
Do you think hell average 25-30ppg
or will he average just 15-20ppg

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At 85% i think t-mac still can give u 25 ppg i was a t-mac fan but injuries keep holding him back him and gilbert who when healthy is the best point guard in the league

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I watched t mac play..he is

I watched t mac play..he is not coming back..i hate that but its the truth....he was an angry at his situation this year he had a couple altercations on court most notable phx...houston fight....this isnt the mcgrady i kno its over for him he couldnt do things he use to do...watchin him play he looks like a shell of his former self when hes suppose to be inhis prime...i will miss tracy

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T mac is old!

T mac is old and being a rockets fan, we gotta just be happy for what we got' we have a great guard set with Brooks & Lowry, we have Yao, Lee on the bench, and Terrence Williams. We will get the eigth seed

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