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ight guy im a knicks fan. i dream bout lebron wade amare bosh all comming to the knicks. but lets get real. i want to know where these free agents will land and why.
if they opt out or not

Joe Johnson
ray ray
marcus camby
rudy gay
Jermaine o neal

if you think they stay with team explain..............

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guys that leave

I think Ray Allen, Shaq, Marcus Camby, Jermaine O'neal and Carlos Boozer all leave their current teams after next season.

Camby and Boozer should be no brainers as to why they leave, in fact, I don't expect either guy to be on theri current team after the upcoming trade deadline.

Ray Allen will be looking for his last big contract and someone will offer him more then the Celtics will. The C's will look at Ray as the least valuable of the big three, and realizing they need to pay Rondo and maybe add some other talent, won't match the offers other teams will make for Ray. Ray will go with the money, especially since I think it will be a contender that pursues him.

Cleveland won't win the title next year, and that will leave them looking for new help to surround Lebron. Shaq will head out of town and possibly retire, or maybe finish his career with the Lakers if Phil returns as coach.

Jermaine O'neal is gonna realize that he probably won't be signing anymore large deals, and thus he will look to join a top contender which I don't think Miami will be.

I also would'nt be surprised top see either TMac, Amare or RJ leave, but at this point, I think they will work out deals with their current teams. TMac and RJ will both take significant pay cuts, but I expect them to stay. Phoenix would be dumb to let Amare go, and I think Kerr will come to his senses before it get's that far.

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T-Mac won't be back in Houston unless he proves himself this year and Yao won't opt out now due to the injury.
Bosh should be as good as gone to join some other big name unless Toronto does really good this upcoming season.
Boozer is gone, no brainer.
Class of 06' will all stay put. (Roy, Aldridge, Gay, Rondo)
Shaq is out if there isn't a parade in Cleveland next summer.
If Lamar goes to Miami I think Wade may stay and try and attract someone. Beasley, Wade, and Odom. Their bench isn't horrible either.
I can see Houston trying to bring in Michael Redd or Joe Johnson as a number two option to Yao Ming if he is back and ready to go, but it may be difficult.
As long as LeBron has unfinished business, you better expect he stays put.
Camby can go wherever he wants, he is a really nice player to have on your team.
2/3rds of the "Big Three" on the free agent market...Will they trade 2 for 1 meaning they let them both walk and go after a Big Name or bring back Paul and look elsewhere besides Allen.
Manu has to be thinking Spurs, but if he is the Real Manu this upcoming season he should be getting a few offers around the league, but I think he is loyal and will stay.
Dirk, Cuban will do just 'bout anything to bring him back and I don't know if Dirk should go back, if that team doesn't do good this year most of them are a year older, JET, Marion, Dampier, and Kidd so I can see him leaving or you can expect the new Suns.
Um, I think I mentioned most besides Amare....I think he is going to stay put with Nash staying now...

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My choices

Joe Johnson-Atlanta has been dumb in the past, but they wont mess this up. Joe will stay.

rondo- Wow, this is tough. I thought he was their future, but Ainge tried to move him. But I think he'll stay, he has far too much upside and will be the team leader when the Big 3 retires.

pierce- He'll stay.

ray ray- leave. They'll trade him, he's the most expendable member on the Celtics.

lebron- Leave. I dont think he'll get a ring, and Cleveland wont get him back.

shaq-I think he'll retire when LeBron leaves.

dirk-Dallas is going to keep him around until he retires.

yao-stay. When he proves he's healty, he will be in Houston. Unless he has to retire or something.

tmac-leave. Obvious reasons.

marcus camby-leave. They want to anoint DeAndre Jordan his spot.

rudy gay-leave. Memphis will be cheap, once again.

wade-Miami knows he is their franchise, and they will make sure he stays.

Jermaine o neal-leave.

redd-leave. Milwaukee will not offer crazy contracts anymore, and he will ask for one.


roy-Stay. He is Portland's priority No.1.

aldrige-He is going to get offered millions of reasons to stay in Portland, and he will make them regret if for not signing him back. He has too much talent to not resign, and Portland knows that.

Manu-Stay, the Spurs wont let him get away.

RJ-The Spurs are going to want him to stay when he proves that he is a piece that can help them get to the Finals. I think he'll stay.



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