Coach K and Duke Basketball

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No doubt. I'm not a Pac-10

No doubt. I'm not a Pac-10 or UCLA expert by any means, but it seems to me they could've gotten WAY more play time in UCLA as they will be fighting for minutes next year and better get used to playing a lot of 3 moreso than 4.

UCLA will win again soon. They are due. Next few solid classes that come through that get a chance to build upon each other and I'd bet on them. If you look on the teams that win:

You notice some patterns. I don't think a "dynasty" is possible anymore. College Basketball has gotten too many good players and is too competitive now.

Teams that are due in the next 10 years for a championship:


10 years from now, baring anything crazy, all 3 of those schools will probably add another title.

Indiana is also probably due, but that program is in a mess atm.

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yup yup

high school. lol.

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Josh Smith would be amazing

Josh Smith would be amazing as a Blue Devil but I heard he's deciding between UW and UCLA

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we would have FOR SURE won

we would have FOR SURE won last year of Westbrook and Love would have stayed... HOOOOOOIEEEEEEEEE.

those twins are idiots, IMO, for turning down the playing time at UCLA, like you said. They might not ever get off that bench where they're headed.

Next year is going to be a down year. We'll probably still make the tournament but I donno...

Last years team didn't exactly play BEN HOWLAND defense. they didn't play bad defense by any means, but it wasn't up to par compared to prior years. Any team that plays BEN HOWLAND defense has a legit chance of making it to the 2nd weekend of the tourney, but UCLAs team last year relied way too much on 3-pt shots. Dragovic is one helluva college shooter

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Duke will not win another

Duke will not win another championship unless they bring in good post players and quit relying so much on the 3 point shot. Their best teams had good post players. Christian Laetner, Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer. Teams that win the NCAA usually have good post players. Look at the past five years.

2004 Uconn - Okafor
2005 N.C. - Sean May
2006 Florida - Noah, Horford
2007 Florida - Noah, Horford
2008 Kansas - Darrell Arthur, Darell Jackson
2009 N.C. - Tyler Hansbrough

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Duke would great and Seth Curry will lead them to a championship

as a Duke fan I think we focus on keeping players in the long term rather than just get 1 year players and win now, but Coach K and the whole USA Team will lure these players to want to play under him.

Lets GO Duke

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great post

as u can tell by thename im a duke fan. and i hear everything u guys are sayin about the recruits and it gets m eexcited. but i must say im a little skeptical about getting the recruits. 1 because 4 sum reason we never get the guys we so desperately want and need and 2 becuase im thinking about the guys we have at those positions already. Now as we know steph curry will be playing next year. wat position is no tknown yet but also andre dawkins will be there. If we can sign brandon knight and harrison barnes im not sure they will want 2 come off the bench. dont get me wrong i hope and pray we get them but its a long way from now till the guys commit.

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