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Has a top tier elite FA ever left his team (along with the extra cash) for another market. As a Raps fan I don't particularly worry about Bosh resigning. I don't believe under current economic conditions that he will leave. In fact I would not be surprised if he resigned prior to the season because the salary cap is set to drop next year.

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McGrady. Once his rookie

McGrady. Once his rookie contract was up, he just left. no sign and trade or anything, he just left. that's why we booed him for so long

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Milicic has already been in

Milicic has already been in the NBA for nine seasons. It’s safe to say teams are no longer waiting for him to finally “break out.” He’s a decent seven-footer, who can block shots and defend in the post relatively well, but he isn’t going to put up more than 5-8 points and 4-6 rebounds a game.

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The Lakers are clearly a

The Lakers are clearly a skilled team. They have great size with Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. Steve Nash and reserve Jodie Meeks aren’t known as defenders, although Meeks insists he can bring more than he’s shown throughout his career.

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I mean, you look at the last

I mean, you look at the last two super bowl winners, both wild card teams. Last year the cardinals won the world series; wild card team. I mean, there’s more and more parody in sports, and I think that’s something that’s going to continue to work its way into the NBA game with the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). Coming into this we feel that we are in the handful of teams that’s got a shot and we are going to approach it that way.v

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