guards vs. guards

1-d-will, 2-kobe


1-paul, 2-Wade.

Which backcourt looks better?

also for the younger guards,

1-rose, 2-mayo


1.-rondo, 2-roy

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Williams and Kobe are better

Williams and Kobe are better shooters. The other two are good slashers. I'll take kobe and williams.

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D-will And Kobe. More size,

D-will And Kobe. More size, better shooters and on-ball defenders.

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D-Will And Kobe

Im a big kobe fan so i would have to go with d-will ands kobe they both big guards for their positions and d-will handles are the truth.

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the younger?

and for the younger guards?

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Ill say Kobe and D-Will with

Ill say Kobe and D-Will with Rondo and Roy

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D. Will and Kobe compliment

D. Will and Kobe compliment each other better. I'll take Rose/Mayo because they have higher ceiling by far. Roy is great but won't get much better than he is. Rondo isn't a complete player. Sky is limit for Rose/Mayo and Rose will get better on defensive in time and be best point guard in NBA.

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CP3 and D-Wade I take the

CP3 and D-Wade

I take the best pg in the game, along with someone who can score a ton.

Rondo and Roy

Rondo is better of Rose right now IMO, he tore him up in the 1st round.
Roy is a top 5 sg in the league, and Mayo is not yet.
So right now, Rondo and Roy

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3+3 makes 6

mr.paul and mr.wade the most fast backcourt by far and there great defenders a ton of steals and fastbreaks both are small butt top notch defenders

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This one is so easy there is

This one is so easy there is not need for Debate. Williams and Kobe would be a powerhouse on both sides of the ball. Kobe would give Wade issues and Williams is the one point guard that give Paul the hardest time. Rose and Mayo ceiling would make them better than Kobe and Williams. Rose could unseat Williams but Mayo is no where near Kobe and will probably not get there. That is not saying Mayo will not have a solid Career for a talented guard but I dont see him reaching Kobe status.

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I heard it all

Wade and Chris Paul top defenders in the league... YES!!! It was said... This is what I mean about people not knowing their ish... But D-Will and Kobe hands down... And I'll take Rondo and B-Roy... I just think B-Roy is that much better than O.J. and will offset D.Rose vs. Rondo by a bigger margin....

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I'll take

Kobe and DWill. They are both better defensively and better shooters then the their counterparts. Also, I can't imagine either Wade or Paul complementing each oither as well because they both need the ball in their hands 80% of the time and neither are great spot up shooters so it would be hard to play off each other as well as Kobe and Will can. For the younger guys, I would take Rondo/Roy if it was just next year, but Rose/ Mayo if it was any longer then that because they have higher ceilings. Rose and Mayo should both become all-stars while I don't really see Rondo as an all-star. Also, it is hard to imagine Roy getting too much better then he is now.

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i like kobe and dwill for

i like kobe and dwill for the simple fact they would just run post ups all day and if wade or cp3 doubled they would just kick it out to the other to shoot. and as far as the younger guards right now rondo and roy have earned there respect they are vets so i would go with them

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D-will Kobe Rose Mayo

D-will Kobe

Rose Mayo

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I would got Roy Rondo. You

I would got Roy Rondo. You have strong offense with strong defense. it would be interesting because I hear Mayo defense is nice. Have not really watch him in the NBA. Did see maybe one piece of college game with him in it and highlights.

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Kobe and D-Will have a major

Kobe and D-Will have a major size advantage so I pick them in a game. However I'd obviously choose Wade and Paul if I was starting a team.

Rose and Mayo over Rondo and Roy. Rose would be able to score over Rondo easier than the opposite. I dont think Roy is head and shoulders above Mayo. Slightly better right now but now for the long run. Mayo and Roy is a great matchup though due to similar size and athleticism.

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D-Will & Kobe

Rondo & Roy

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haha tuck i saw it too

that idiot up there said cp3 and dwade are the top notch defenders. haha wat a joke. well now i kno 1 person who is a pretender on this site. D will and kobe are better no contest. and i take rondo and roy jus because roy is head and shoulders the best player on the floor and it doesnt hurt that rondo can play rose pretty equally

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