Top 10 most ridiculous comparison from 2000-2008

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Top 10 most ridiculous comparison from 2000-2008

Marcusfizer21 posted this on Saturday-----a slow traffic day on the site. This is real good stuff and worth a lively debate when everyone is logging on the site so I want to re-post it. Good going Marcusfizer 21.

I have been watching since its birth and I have been fond of their style of comparing certain prospects to different NBA Players... The thing with comparisons here is that it is a "hit and miss" type just like Ben Gordon. I would like to review some of these comparisons and where they are at at this time of their careers... I know there are so many of them but I would choose only my top 10. So without further delay, here are my top 10 RIDICULOUS and DUBIOUS NBA Comparisons that the has ever made from 2000-2008:

10. Maciej Lampe - NBA Comparison: Dirk Nowitzki
Lampe was supposed to be the next Dirk, so to speak. But as it turned out, he never lived up to such expectations. He quickly exited the NBA without anyone noticing.

9. Nene - NBA Comparison: Hakeem Olajuwon
Though he will never be Olajuwon, Nene will be remembered as the one who came back from consecutive injuries and helped the Nuggets in their playoff run. It's a shame that Hakeem is the player they compared him to when we all knew that it's waaaaay ridiculous.

8. DeSagana Diop - NBA Comparison: Bob Lanier
Bob Lanier was a legend during his time in the 70's whereas Diop never made it far than a man coming off the bench to provide size and defense but no offense. No offense, Diop.

7. Dwight Howard - NBA Comparison: Kwame Brown
Yes guys... To those of you who don't know this, Dwight used to be compared to Kwame Brown... That is why when Orlando chose him as the 1st pick overall, some booed the pick because he could have been a bust waiting to happen like Kwame. But the difference was, Dwight has the heart and passion of a warrior that is obviously absent in Kwame. In the end, people now praised the Magic for taking such huge risk into drafting an untapped potential rather than taking a surefire solid forward in Emeka Okafor... Superman didn't disappoint at all unlike his NBA Comparison.

6. Adam Morrison and Mike Dunleavy Jr. - NBA Comparison: Larry Bird
Just because they shoot a lot doesn't mean that they have to be compared to Larry Legend. What made Larry Bird is his tenacity on defense and his overall team play. Morrison and Dunleavy are none of that I'm afraid.

5. Mike Sweetney - NBA Comparison: Elton Brand
What? EB is the comparison given by to this heavyweight cheese-burger lovin' psycho??? Robert Traylor would have been the PERFECT guy to be compared to Sweetney.

4. Pau Gasol - NBA Comparison: Toni Kukoc
Toni Kukoc? Pau Gasol? what? As much as I love the two of them, their games are way different. Pau is an inside threat while Toni Kukoc is a 3-point shooter who is deadly enough to let MJ and Pip take a rest. By the way Pau, I am glad you finally have a ring. You deserve it.

3. Deron Williams - NBA Comparison: Andre Miller
Andre Miller is all about fundamentals. Simple and precise is his game something that can be said to Deron but not quite. Deron is faster and more agile than Miller. He is alsoa bit flashy something Andre Miller never was and never will be.

2. Kwame Brown - NBA Comparison: Kevin Garnett
Do I have to elaborate on this comparison they made? I mean, it's Kwame Brown.

1. DeShawn Stevenson - NBA Comparison: Michael Jordan
This one tops it all because it is way too obvious that Michael Jordan's talent is far better than Stevenson's. I hope there is a law regarding anyone who is comparing a prospect to the game's greatest player as a complete blasphemy...

Note: there are so many hits and so many misses in comparisons but these are my top 10, anyone care to comment at all, I am open for it..

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What about

Good work Marcusfizer. I'm starting to like you. Finally, something worth posting.

1. Wasn't former UCLA product Jaron Rush compared to Scottie Pippen? This may could have happened had Rush laid off the beers at UCLA.

2. I did notice Majce Lampe went AWOL from the NBA. I even looked up him up a few weeks ago.

3. Thanks for the Adam Morrison/Larry Bird comparison. I knew this was crazy. Blame this one on ESPN. They even compared they're mustaches.

4. Mike Sweetney had could have be good, but the Knicks never gave him the chance. He produced when he was given the minutes, but for some reason, he feel out of their rotation.

5. Nene could have been really good. He tore his ACL and missed 1 1/2 yrs. When he healed, the body turned on him and he had cancer at age 24. What the heck. Had he been on any other team right now, he would be 20 and 10. He put up numbers with Melo and Iverson taking all of the shots. He even led the league in FG percentage.

6. Note: If I remember correctly, Gasol was compared to Dirk. Am I wrong on that?

Dhamp...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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On Pau-to-Tony Kukoc

You have to remember Pau was a great 3 point shooter when he played overseas. He actually was a player that was known to float around the perimeter when he was younger. That actually was a valid comparison for then, but NBA teams needed his size in the paint so he is now strictly an inside/mid-range player.

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I REMBER WHEN I WAS IN THE ER WAITING TO GET TREATED......WATCHIN GASOL AND DIRK BATTLE IN THE PLAYOFFS....BACK WHEN NEITHER HAD CLEAN CUTS IT LOOK 2 GREEK GODS GONING AT EACHOTHER IT WAS AN INTENSE BATTLE DOWN LOW.......GOD FOGIVE ME BUT IT LOOK LIKE GOD GOING AGAINST A CLONE OF HIMSELF ..but I like the youger pau better then the laker pau he use to be more of a force now hes just fundamental and doesnt go as hard as he use to being that kobe is around maybe because he plays in a system now...but is the pau second best big man from overseas to play in the states this decade after dirk...yao has an injury plagued career

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I noticed sometimes

I noticed sometimes compares people to who they look like more than who they play like lol

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Hindsight is 20-20

Projections are projections. They are made when they are prospects and they are made to show, 1) players with similar skills at their respective points in their basketball careers, and 2) potential based on optimum development. You could say that NBADraft comparing Lebron to Magic Johnson was stupid based on your criteria. Their careers are nothing alike, however, at their relative ages (and even now), they both have the best size-court vision with extreme versatility. Its pretty easy to analyze guesses from the past and call them wrong, and considering how often people are wrong about the future, I think it'd be more constructive to discuss why these players, for better or for worse, have surpassed or fell short of comparisons. The Deron Williams - Andre Miller was accurate except that Deron Williams had more athletic potential to take advantage of, but leaving College, he was a wing with questionable 3 point range and a bigger, slower frame, however his feel for the game, ball control, and ability to use his size to his advantage made the comparison apt. I'm sure Chauncey Billups was also discussed as a comparison, but DWill didnt and does not shoot the ball like Billups.

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i think the whole world is prolly embarassed to see stevenson compared to mj

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Mikeal Pietrus

I remember this site comparing him to Michael Jordan once upon a time LOL!

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