Do You Think Jason Kidd got robbed???

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Do You Think Jason Kidd got robbed???

The New Jersey Nets prepared for the 2001-02 NBA Season thinking that they are going to hit the lottery once again and be among those teams that provide meaningless headlines in the NBA. But before the season would start, the Nets acquired sensational PG Jason Kidd from the Suns in exchange for another PG Stephon Marbury. Nobody expected much from both camp. The team entered its season with minimum expectations and no one seeing them seriously as a contender in the East. But as the season began, the Nets have found what I think a brand of basketball that coincides with the word "Teamwork". The team played well and are starting to win games. Everyone thought that they were just making a streak and that it would fell off eventually, but it didn't. The Nets are winning here and there and they just beaten teams that many people think they couldn't beat! Many people felt, including me, that the reason behind their success was the J-Kidd trade... He was just an exceptional leader on the floor and it gave his team a lot of confidence. Kenyon Martin alley-hoops, spotting up shooters like Van Horn and Kittles, leading the fastbreak that usually ends in a dunk by Richard Jefferson and the Nets are making a lot of noise. Jason Kidd was cited out as the biggest factor on why the Nets went on to finish number one in the East (52-30), something that nobody, including the AP, expected. His numbers aren't that great if you care to look at it, (14.7 ppg, 9.9 apg, 7.3 rpg). But if you care about triple-double, J-Kidd has shown a lot of them in the 2001-02 season. But like I said, the game of basketball is more than just about stats. It is about winning. Jason Kidd simply transformed a laughing stock in New Jersey into a force to be reckoned with in the East.

The playoffs came and I expected the Nets to go all the way. I was already in on Kidd as the runaway winner for the MVP race. It was evident in his performance that he lead a losing team into a franchise worth looking at. He made the New Jersey pips proud. The playoffs came and it was never an easy feat to go through all of the teams. The East was considered weak but nevertheless, the Nets were there in the thick of the fight. The MVP award was close to be given and as I already made up my mind up about who was going to win, the voters (AP) made up another one to win it. Though it was a close battle in voting, Tim Duncan won the MVP over the man who transformed the NJ Nets into a contender. Many people, including myself, K-Mart and RJ, and the rest of the Nets players and fans were aghast by the development. They felt Kidd got robbed of the award. Nevertheless, Kidd mentioned that he didn't want an individual award. He wanted a championship. But the thing here is, I felt he deserved to win that award. I think most people would've said so, too. It was tough to swallow knowing that he made the Nets relevant in the playoffs and yet he did not gain anything from it? The Nets made past the Eastern Conference finals and made it all the way to the NBA's biggest stage only to be swept by the stroinger and mightier Lakers. All that and no MVP's to show for his fans... Yes, it was disappointing. I was emotional at that time and I felt the NBA made a mistake. I was hoping for Tim Duncan to give up that trophy to him( a long shot) but it obviously will not happen. I felt J-Kidd got robbed he should have been the MVP in 2001-02. A year when he lead the Nets to attention and surprise just about everyone of the progress he made with the team.

Do you think Jason Kidd got robbed at that time? What is your opinion? I want to hear from you guys...thanks...

PS: It makes me sick to my stomach that Steve Nash won TWO MVP's and the best point guard of the 2000 in J-Kidd did not even win one... I mean Steve Nash was awesome in 2005 and 2006 but I felt J-Kidd was phenomenal in 2002.

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no, he was'nt robbed

He had a great season and was in the mvp consideration. But team success does not mean everything. Keep in mind the east REALLY sucked that year, the nets won the confrence with 52 wins and were dominated by the Lakers in a one sided sweep in the Finals. I don't pin that finals loss on Kidd because the Lakers clearly had the better team, but Kidd did nothing in the finals to step his game up and take over. Duncan was in his prime those years and did just as much to give the Spurs a great season as Kidd did in Jersey.

Also, you should'nt "get emotional" over something like that. And what do you mean he did all those great things for the Nets, but ended up with nothihng to show for it? He got paid like 20 mill and was a finalist for the MVP award. Lot's of players have great season's and don't get the mvp. And you are crazy if you think Duncan should have given up the award.

Kidd has had a great career and has been fun to watch from day one. But he was never at any point the best player in the league.

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YES..KIDD WAS ROBBED.... the mvp award should've went to kidd that season...nobody expected the nets to do anything that year...they had been 1 of the league's laughingstocks for years.. until that season that kidd helped them to the finals..kidd led a team of young players & a rookie coach to a place the nets had never been since joining the nba in 76...the players in the league voted kidd their mvp for that season..they should know they have to play against these players..sometimes mvp voters can be bias..i think shaq should have at least 2 or 3 more mvp awards...

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hell yeah he was robbed. If

hell yeah he was robbed. If Steve Nash has 2 MVP's then J-Kidd deserves atleast 1. Kidd transformed the Nets and single handedly led them to the final 2years in a row. Tim Duncan owes his first MVP to J-Kidd imo

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