Duffy: Rubio Is Overrated

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Duffy: Rubio Is Overrated

Duffy: Rubio Is Overrated

Jul 26, 2009 10:05 PM EST
Bill Duffy, agent for players like Steve Nash, believed Ricky Rubio was one of the more overrated players of the 2009 NBA Draft.

"To be honest with you, the other kid, Brandon Jennings, who played in Italy, ranked higher," said Duffy, referring to his client, a point guard who was picked 10th by Milwaukee. "I had three other first-round point guards, but I didn't have [Rubio] ranked that high. I think he is pretty good, but I think he might be a little hyped up.

"He is a flashy guy and he is young, but I think it is a lot of hype. I mean, he will be a good player, but they are trying to compare him with my guy Steve Nash or John Stockton -- I don't see that."

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I've been saying that for months, i think he'll be good but he is a little too hyped

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i agree i think hell be good

i agree i think hell be good but Stockton, or Kidd, is a stretch, i just dont think hell be able to defend, or shoot, as well as either of them.

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Jennings is his client,

Jennings is his client, whats he gonna say Rubio is better?there are some serious Rubio haters, even before the shenanegans

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Seriously man...

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I like Rubio's game, he is a

I like Rubio's game, he is a bit overrated but most of the lottery this year was... if he entered last year he wouldn't have as much hype but they just compare him to his draft class which he matches up really good against

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i like rubio

he did a number on us(usa basketball team)
in the olympics. i like his game.

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Better then advertised

I saw him in the Olympics and he looked real good. D-Wade said he was a phenomenal player, and both CP3 and Kobe said he has a lot of talent. Where was Nash when he was 18? He wasn't in the Olympics going head to head against the worlds best., neither was Stockton, (His game doesn't remind me of Stockton at all don't know where that comparison came from). He has won defensive player of the year award in Europe, and name one other teenager that has a dominate shot, Ray Allen, maybe Micheal Redd,or Ben Gordon? Other then that not too many.

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who else in this year's

who else in this year's lottery was overrated?

i'd say thabeet coz he sucked in summer league and he was picked second. who else?

other teams and the media intentionally overhype a player so that they'd get the player the really want with later picks. that's how steals in the drafts happen. why would riley call beasley immature a season ago? to kill the bulls' interest. look how untouchable beasley is now. he's riles' insurance policy in case d-wade leaves. beasley has the potential to be a star, he just had a rough start with the heat coz he wasn't the first or 2nd option.

teams who dont do their hw tend to get swayed with what the majority dictate, and that's why busts happen. you can argue that some of the busts were coz of injuries, but most often, they're just no good and overhyped.

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My opinion

I've always felt he was overrated because of how he performed in the Olympics, which is hardly ever a good indicator of a pro prospect. Look at the guys who got with NBA teams based mostly off or completely off of the Olympics: Carlos Arroyo, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Sun Yue, Joe Ingles. Those are 4 players I can think of off the top of my head, and none of them are factors in the NBA. I think he's better than them, but I dont think he'll worth the 6th pick when its all said and done though.

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The first point that has already been made is that Duffy is the agent for Jennings so there is a lot of bias there. The second point is that he played well in and started in a meaningful game against NBA competition. I'm not sure that you can get much better than playing NBA players who are highly motivated to get the gold medal back from the team that was the previous gold medal winning basketball team. Third, he played against Chris Paul and Deron Williams who most of us would agree are the best two point guards in the NBA. Lastly the kid is doing all of this at 17, 18 years old. How many American 17 year olds are going to get to play a large role in any of the upcoming U.S. teams, let alone get to start a gold medal game? And please don't say it's because he plays for Spain. They actually have a decent number of NBA players on their team.

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i understand

that duffy is jennings agent bu ti agree with him. Rubio is very young and again ppl are basing him and his game off one look and that was the USA game. i always wonder to myself did cp3 and jason kidd play that game not expecting anything form that kid? could they have not played hard? i mean i think rubio caught everyone off guard but i honestly think that was just 1 game. im sure that when rubio's career is over he will be more of a wat could have been story.

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