Not going to happen but...

I was looking through the salaries pages on hoopshype....

If Wade opts out of his contract next year,
Miami declines their team option on Beasley,
Miami declines their team option on J. Jones,
Miami declines their team option on Cook,
Miami declines their team option on Chalmers.

They will have no one under contract...

Obviously their is no way they wavie all of those options, but imagine what kind of Free Agency fun they could have next summer. They could totally rebuild their team from scratch, I'm sure there are more than one GM out their who wishes they could do that...

So if you were a GM of a team who rid itself of all of its players what would you do? Obviously make LeBron your first choice, trying to draw him in with the plea that... "hey if you join us we will let you pick all of your new teammates."

Like I said no way this happens...

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Hahaha that would be

Hahaha that would be hilarious, and extremely fun to follow for an NBA offseason. I had no idea about that possible situation. Good find man.

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that would be awesome.

that would be awesome.

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They would be giving up way

They would be giving up way too much young talent.

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I would just try to buy the

I would just try to buy the best starting 5 you could get and bank on that.

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the bigger take away from

the bigger take away from that is: Dwyane Wade is most certainly not leaving the Heat.

The heat will have 3 youngsters who are all under contract at a bargain rate, Mario Chalmers is a VERY solid back-up PG and well worth his bargain contract. You have to like his energy off the bench, especially on defense, where his steals can generate a couple easy buckets/gm

Cook is a decent player, but his 3-pt shooting is what makes him valuable, especially at his rookie contract figure. I think he and Mario are a very good backcourt combo off the bench with Cook providing the offensive spark to complement Mario's D. Cook is also versatile enough to be able to play quality minutes at the 3.

Beasley is going to be even more of a beast this coming year and at what? like 4-5 million? The dude can put the ball in the hole and can rebound. I think the biggest question is, is he a 3 or a 4? And to me, that's the best part about the kid, I think he can be either which is invaluable cuz the heat can just go and get the best player available and they aren't going to step on Beasley's toes....

Beasley-Odom? would be the best left-handed forward combo around... I also think they have very complementary skills with Beasley being more a scorer and Odom being the facilitator he is.

So you got those 3 guys at bargain prices~ 9 mill for all 3. If they do add Odom that's 4 guys for about ~15 mill, and if they don't sign DWade till AFTER they sign someone else (and then use his bird rights) they'll have like what 35 million to spend! damn. No way DWade walks away from those 3 youngsters and all that cap room

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Yeah, after thinking about

Yeah, after thinking about it I don't think the Heat should make a move for Boozer. Get your guys experience this year and next year try to bring in a top name guy to run with Wade and the youngsters. The heat could end up the real winners of the 2010 offseason.

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Yea that would be cool

Yea that would be cool lol....

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