whats the latest on cj watson?

anybody know

Adi Joseph
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He's a restricted free agent
He's a restricted free agent and my understanding is the Magic may be interested in him but the Warriors want to bring him back.
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tennessee guard.....

C.J. Watson was playin for tha warriors in golden st. well atleast i thought that was him i saw playing for them last year.

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Cj watson

is a good backup point guard. He can score pretty well for a pg but I thought his decision making improved over the season last year. Just a solid player, I hope the Warriors match an offer if it's reasonable

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Very underrated. Guy has

Very underrated. Guy has flashes of brilliance last season in the fantasy game. Steals machine and decent offensive production. Nice guy to have come off the bench, but I'd rather not take my chances starting him a whole season.

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