Lakers, what if?

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Lakers, what if?

I want Lamar Odom to play for the Lakers, but if he goes to the Heat what are the Lakers options?

I would love to see Allen Iverson with the Lakers it would give them a proven scorer off the bench who can give you nights of 25 or 30 on occasion. Next, I would trade Morrison to the Pacers for Jeff Foster ( This trade takes 6 mil of their salary cap for next season) . Foster gives the Lakers a backup for Pau and Bynum as he can play PF and center positions providing rebounding and defense.

PG- Fisher
PG-Iverson or Farmer
SG-Brown or Vujacic
SF-Walton or Vujacic
PF-Powell or Foster
C-Foster or Mbenga

Even though the possibility of this happening is really thin, as the Lakers are still in contention to sign Odom, and without him their still championship caliber. I think basketball fans would enjoy watching Iverson and Kobe play on the same team, say what you will but I think Phil Jackson can make anything work, but it would have to be signed off by Kobe.

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The Lakers dont have the MLE

The Lakers dont have the MLE so they wont get Iverson

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if Kobe and Artest works ,

if Kobe and Artest works , then A.I and Kobe can work (ego wise) on the court i have no idea how A.I and Kobe would play togther, i would love too see it

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AI Said " I rather retire

AI Said " I rather retire then come of the bench"

What Does That mean ??

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It means

HE AIN'T NO BENCH PLAYER! haha. Iverson is the greatest, I love his attitude and ego. :) He tells it like it is and doesn't care what anyone says.

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Warrick is a talented player

Warrick is a talented player and if Odom does not resign he would be happy to win a championship after being on team as terrible as the Grizz.

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If they dont' resign Odom

If they dont' resign Odom then they should get Big Baby. Not only does that take him away from Boston but it gives them a player that did many of the things Odom did except for shoot the 3 and dribble but they won't find anyone better except for maybe David Lee. Either way they have to get a big to backup Pau and Bynum whether it's Odom, Lee, or Davis they have to!

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i dont think iverson and kobe is the same thing as iverson artest. Artest made it clear when he came to LA that he woul dgive up shots and would do watever it takes for the time to win. he proved that last year when the rockets were healthy and he was the 3rd or 4th option on that rockets squad. i am more than confident in saying iverson does not have that mentality. Iverson will get his shots up wherever he goes. and im not sure if iverson can handle being 3rd or 4th option on the lakers. jus doesnt seem like it will work

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The Pacer's have said they

The Pacer's have said they are willing to move Foster, however I'm not sure if they would do it for Morrison.

While Foster's contract is a year longer, unloading it isn't that big of a concern because it expires at the same time as all of Indy's bad contracts (Murphy, Dunleavy, Tinsley) and the teams plan has been to build with youth until they have cap space.

Also the team has said their priority is improving defensively this season, something that Morrison doesn't bring at all.

As for A.I., I don't think Phil will go there though I do think he could handle it, I don't think he wants to at this point.

I think a lot of teams fans would be interested in seeing Iverson suit up for them, however the fact that he refuses to come off the bench puts GM's in a bind. If they experiment by bringing him onto the team, and things don't work out... you can't bench him half way through the season or you risk poisoning the locker room. For a team to take him on they have to be sure he will fit as their starter for the full season.

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why have all the A.I to

why have all the A.I to Char. stopped?

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